Friday, October 1, 2010

There's a Boogyman In The Caves!

 We visited the Sudwala caves a while ago. I found some comical pictures on my hard drive that brought some really funny moments flooding back. My eldest daughter, Tarien and Jessica thought it really funny scaring the whole group of visitors down in those caves. It was really deep underground.., boy, those caves  are dark...,

In some places there were lights, the rest was mostly dark,there are bats in those caves you know...The lighting creates a really eerie effect in a lot of places. The guides like to tease us and put off their flashlights at times when we were all standing still...I have never known such darkness, I cannot describe it. There is water flowing around everywhere down there.


Then said kids started with their pranks......then the lights went out  for real!!!  Sorry no electricity,please stand still everyone!!!  Almost one hour later of total darkness......

           I am sorry Jess, at least your Mama did not get caught on camera..I still love you, you know I do!!


  1. The electricity went out for real? We have Mammoth Cave in our area and when you take a tour the guides do the same thing. It really is darkness that you can't describe.

  2. That's NOT a good thing when you're in a cave and the electricity goes out for

  3. Your daughters are SO cute! I bet they are a handful - in a cave or out! :)

  4. Smothering darkness?
    You are very brave....brave to even go in there in the first place!!
    And herein is my greatest fears combined....underground and the dark:)
    Good for you...and love the photos:)


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