Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Race Is On!!

It's me against ten Rhode Island Red hens......productivity being  the main challenge....the hens are in the lead by about twenty-five eggs!! I haven't been to collect today's eggs yet.., so, that makes it thirty-five eggs and counting.. This morning I baked Jamie Oliver's chili cheese corn cake that uses 4 eggs and cheated a little by giving some scrambled eggs to Minki and Fiela... it hardly made a dent in the stack of eggs on my kitchen table!

Chili cheese corn cake,those chilies sure woke us up this morning!

It was delicious and another first for me...seems like the egg challenge is going to teach me a few new recipes...

I dream off eggs,I Google about recipes for them,they dominate my life at the moment!

Can't be beaten by a couple of hens, for crying out loud!

Thank goodness we are off to another auction tomorrow.

Let me be,  eggs...!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jess Turns Nineteen!

In celebrating her b-day Cules made a "potjie" which had loads of veggies,bacon,chuck,brisket and lamb and is slowly prepared,( 4-6 hours) over an open fire...

..and because I have loads of eggs since Cules bought me ten Rhode Island Red hens..

(Sorry,these weren't  cleaned yet...)

I baked her an Angels food cake...

...with white chocolate sauce and berry coulis!

It was the first time ever I baked one and must say we all loved it!

Happy birthday sweetie!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Under The Old Oak Tree

Bright and early one morning I found myself alone in the quint little town of Haenetsburg and had time on my hands to wander about taking pictures.....

I just love oak trees and unfortunately they don't grow down where we live..it is just too hot.
The donkey cart was such a neat touch to the decor!

This shop had such an inviting atmosphere...I could sit here and enjoy people watching during the Kiwi festival and the annual Spring Fair...

This pretty painted wheelbarrow with flowers was drowning in a sea of oak leaves...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well it has been auction week again and yesterday we went to Belfast again. Hubby came away from there with a lot of sheep,some merinos that were starting to feel the shortage of fodder up there in the High veld Winter,some dorpers and pedi sheep and a friesian heifer (the cutest little thing) that might be our future milking cow! Cules was happily buying away when this little piggy caught his eye and he saw,barbecue ribs,Christmas roast and what not! Well,that little piggy read Cules' mind because....

He escaped from the truck as Cules stopped and climbed up at the back to check up on everyone back there...He hightailed it up those Dullstroom mountains like no body's business and my husband being one very determined individual and one who hates to lose out on a bargain.., gave chase,down the hill,through a swamp,up the hill again and through a couple of ditches and me standing by the side of the rode screaming with laughter and encouraging him and sometimes the piggy(depending on the abuse Cules let loose!) and some very baffled motorists stopping and asking what happened and promptly adding their bits of advice from the roadside!

It was one of the funniest incidents yet!

To make a long story short,Cules did catch his rather wayward BBQ piggy,who is now happily chomping away in his little paddock with the other pigs.
I think somehow those two had a good conversation with each other in the swamp..,'cause I couldn't see much of them there.. 

On our way through Dullstroom he decided to stop and check on the animals again  and what do you know? He happened to stop right in front of an Antique shop! He kindly agreed that I could go look see and as I was browsing away,looking at old cutlery I walked up to the owner of the shop and there she was cleaning this old 1940, Sheffield Bone handled set of cutlery, that has just been brought in by a very distraught daughter in law who has decided it was "time to let go" of some stuff she has been keeping for years since her husband's mother and her husband has also passed away .....

The old case is still perfectly intact with the guarantee that it will never warp or shrink and can withstand all climates!
Well,it has kept perfectly for seventy one years so far!

This was made in the same year WW2 started!

The spoons....

I love collecting old cutlery and dishes and use it for everyday instead of modern stuff,so this rare find had my pulses up and I went and told Cules about it,he asked me the price and on telling him, he promptly told me to get in the truck and drove on home....
At the only four way stop in town he asked me if I considered it an investment and I quickly told him YES!

So he turned round and went into the shop and hassled the lady into throwing in a huge block of fudge into the deal and bought it!

Her Royal Highness has arrived and His Majesty is "absolutely delighted" by her beatific presence....

Kate, eat your heart out!

Cules also brought something else home...

Minki's full sister!!

Remember this...?

Minki as a pup almost two years ago!
They definitely are like two peas in a pod,so much so in their little mannerisms and things that it is a little bit freaky!
I was worried that Minki would be terribly jealous,but she is not,they play together on Minki's blanket in the evenings and even share Cules' lap!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Barn Chicks Who Blog" Interview


Hi everyone, just to let you all now that my interview with Patrice over at Everyday Ruralty is up and you can read all about it here

As usual Patrice did a great job with the interview and I had loads of fun answering all the questions. I always enjoy reading her interviews with the other "farm chicks" that gives insight into the lives of other women living on farms like myself and how they view their lifestyles. One thing we all have in common, I think, is that we are all so blessed for being able to live on farms....



Sunday, June 12, 2011

How About A Pair Of Warthog Slippers For You??

We went to pick Jess up from a friend's house the other day and she was wearing these super cute slippers...

Flower said she would love a pair as it IS winter after all and she is expected to sleep outside...

Minki said they weren't quite to her taste "Rather kitsch, I say..." 

Huh, there's a fly on your ear madam!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update On This Week Past

We have been wizzing around the country side this past week.(again) Monday we went to buy lucern in Lydenburg,had a lovely lunch at their local Spur Steakhouse and bought some much needed bridles and girths for the horses.We bought pvc bridles in all different colours,yellow,green,red,blue and even 2 pink ones! Last Saturday a lovely lady whom has just recently returned home after a three year stint in Nieu Zealand,came and bought Stonecroft Nitro for Endurance racing. After weeks of mulling it over Cules and I decided to sell two of our horses as we just didn't get to racing all off them as often as we would like this past year. Nitro happened to be a half brother of this lady's best endurance horse ever so she is on her way to fetch him as I am typing this. Stonecroft Cockade went to a gentleman who wanted a big,strong horse to compete in Endurance with and he got completely bowled over by Cockade,nickname Coca Cola...The lady goose is on her way together with some free range hens in the horsebox that is taking Nitro to his new home... It wasn't three hours after the sale of Nitro was settled that another gentleman came knocking on our door and offered us two stunning young stallions for free as he had sold his farm and couldn't get them sold. Both five years old and unbacked...go figure! Cadiz is a stunning blood bay but had his right ear completely bitten off by a mare...Looks has nothing to do with performance right??? Blade is a beautiful dapple grey stallion and is also a weight carrier,so he will be ridden by Cules. Oh yes,we have to back them first of all...! They are both scheduled to be castrated on Monday (poor guys) but better for them as future riding horses!
So two horses sold,two new ones in again. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, right? We will see how they turn out once they have been gelded and settled down in their new home.

I love the way he is put together,a neat little horse.

Loading lucern on the farm

The view from the barn where the lucern was loaded.

Cules had spare ribs and calamari for lunch in the Spur Steakhouse in Lydenburg

I had beef schnitzel and lots of onion rings..

The cozy inside of the restaurant,it was a chilly day with rain and thunder and the fires inside were all lit!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't You Want To Buy My Ostriches?

Having sold his horse to us,our next door neighbour wanted to know if we don't want his ostriches as well,as they are quite a handful...
Just look at that tail,doesn't it just ooze "quite a handful?"
Cules said it hurt just too look at them.., we can just imagine all the falls there would be on our yard from supremely fit endurance  horses spooking at these little birdies...

and they come with an attitude too...

That tail keeps calling for my attention,it reminds me of that roadrunner in the comic books when I was a kid!

We agreed that this would be one of only a few things we really don't want around our place...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't Get Me Mad!

I'll huff and I'll puff and I will grow into a pitch black ball of fury!!!!

This little tyke sure was throwing a hissy fit at me and Minki the other day.

He was green when I first saw him..

Then I ran to get my camera,'cause I wasn't sure if my blogger friends also has them in the USA...

Then, when I got back to him he was growing brown and hissing a lot...

Then,  Minki decided he sounded a bit like a snake,and barked at him..

Then, he turned pitch black with rage..!

Ok, Ok, now you are making ME nervous!!

I felt a bit like that lion whisperer guy on National Geographic every time the lions mock charged...


Minki also thought it better to back away soon enough and let the little fella on his merry way..

I wonder what it would be like to have the ability to turn pitch black with rage every time someone made me mad???

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some New Faces Around The Farm..

Oi!! Where did the time go??
Wednesday already and I haven't posted on my blog!
Over the past weekend we have acquired some new faces to grace the farm with their presence;

Bought X 1 horse from our next door neighbour... 

His son got bitten by a Black Mamba  (snake) and will never recover full use of the leg he was bitten on again...This came three weeks after he was bitten by a cobra and had a violent reaction to the anti-venom treatment! He walks with a limp and has his leg in a brace most of the time..

Were given X six Chinese geese by same neighbour 'cause they poohed on his porch too much!
They won't pooh on MY porch because I am keeping them in a fenced in area...

Were given X three kittens for our barn...

The brown male Chinese goose,isn't he so handsome?
We have to now find him a brown female,'cause the brown ones apparently don't pair up with white ones..
I have been phoning around the country and might have found him a female in Johannesburg....
I will have to ask Jess and her friends to go and fetch it and bring it home with them over the weekend..she will NOT be pleased about that one!
I already know that the car is going to be too full of baggage and stuff...

He Who Bites...

My butt is still smarting...

There was more than one reason for his previous owner wanting to give away such expensive poultry!!!
I have to say that I just love the sounds they make,it sounds a bit like a swan! Not like normal geese at all!

The cute little kittens.
They will stay in the barn and we have put them in a coop where they can safely get used to the dogs and their new surroundings before we let them out..

This one likes to observe the world in this fashion..
The other one is grey with flecks of ginger thrown in,but she was feeling a little camera shy today..

                                                               The Horse With No Name
                                                      That's right,he has no name,any ideas??
           A four-and-a half year old gelding,who doesn't blink an eye at huge trucks racing past him....

He is said to be a Quarter horse X Boerperd.
He has already started doing lessons in the riding school and is a huge hit with the kids.

I made a lemon semolina cake today
The recipe said to thinly slice one lemon and boil the slices with the sauce...
My lemon slices boiled ..and disintegrated..

Just thought I'd share...

Never mind..