Sunday, April 26, 2015

Searching for a property in Haenertsburg

Hi all,yes, I am back after a long absence thanks to a new tablet and MUCH, MUCH faster Internet connection! It is now nothing but a joy to connect to the Internet again! A lot has happened in this time,a lots of changes and things about to change and others have pretty much stayed the same...

Yes, it's Minki having a well deserved rest at our favourite coffee shop in Haenertsburg called...Minki's! 

We had been looking at a property we like very much and hope to do a quick sale and finally move up to our beloved mountain. Minki had been swimming in a dam and was also covered in burs so she wasn't really  looking her svelte self.

Here is a pic or so of the property.

It is absolutely stunning,pine trees,ponds,one is huge where we will build the house,ferns,wild mushrooms and I am sure a fairy or two!

It is all and more I have dreamed of in a mountain property and off course one shouldn't get ahead of oneself as I now have to find a buyer for our property down the valley. Let's hope we can make this work!

Have a lovely Sunday and I will be taking some more pics to post about.

The End