Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Floods January 2012

Photo by Kruger National Park Sightings

This is what is happening in our area today! 

This pic was taken in the Kruger National Park today.

No one can reach or leave the towns of Phalaborwa or Hoedspruit unless you fly in by helicopter!

If you happen to be visiting Kruger Park,you stay there for however long it takes for the water to subside...the rains are showing no signs of letting up!

Photo by Kruger National Park Sightings

Same spot a little later...

Photo by Andre Weidemann

This is the R40 going to the town of Hoedspruit!

Helicopters are lifting people from trees and the river as we speak!

Absolutely no way other than helicopter to get in.

The air force from Polokwane has sent in helicopters as it seems the Military Air Force base in Hoedspruit is flooded...!

It is rumoured that the Swadini dam wall has cracked and EVERYBODY has had to be evacuated from  their homes there,reportedly already some houses washed away,and household contents such as fridges,furniture etc floating down the streets of Hoedspruit.

Swadini Holiday resort is flooded.

Picture by Africa Geographic

Letsitele area is safe at the moment.

We are totally OK here as long as the Tzaneen dam holds!

It would take a huge amount of water to damage that dam...but still...

I am off to see what they are reporting on the news!

Over and out!


  1. oh lord! so many people's lives affected, i'm sure! stay safe! God bless those not so fortunate!

  2. Oh my goodness gracious! I'm so sorry to hear about such horrible flooding... We had some flooding last spring, but nothing like the photos above. God bless everyone & I'll be praying that more people stay safe!!!

    God bless & be careful

  3. Oh, Liesl, that looks terrible. I hope you guys will stay safe.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the terrible flood. My parents home was flooded last August and I can understand the fear and anguish of all who are trapped in and around it. I hope they'll receive all the help they can get. Hope you're safe.

  5. That is massive scary!!! Better stay out of it's way! I would hate to be anywhere near it! ;D

  6. Hi Liesl .. incredible floods - hadn't heard .. I must keep an eye open .. and come back here to read your updates.

    Hope all is well for everyone - cheers Hilary

  7. Could you add credits to the photographers? That would be fair to them.

    Swadini dam seems to be safe according to the latest news.
    In Kruger guests are moved around to keep them safe, and the rain does not let up.

    Check the forum for the latest news:

  8. @ DuQues, I will find out who the photographers where and give them their dues,got these on Facebook.Thank you for the link.

  9. The water is so powerful. I hope things get under control soon...and that you and your animals remain safe.

  10. My goodness that looks really scary - what a lot of water. Hope you get some let up in the rain soon. Take care and be safe.

  11. I am glad that you are OK, but the A40 looks pretty serious. I do not know Swadini but I am glad I am not there by the sound of it! I cannot imagine the Tzaneen dam going so my fingers are crossed for you. Take care Diane

  12. Thank you for the report. That is a LOT of water. Please be safe. Praying for everyone there.

  13. Be safe and keep us posted! That looks like a pretty scary flood!


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