Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Mystery Of The Day Flying Bats

Yesterday the bats were out in force again in broad daylight! But this time it was a lovely cool day and if I were a bat,I'd be hanging around with my blanky wrapped about me, catching some shuteye,

                                                                              like this...

He wasn't hanging around, peeking into my kitchen like that for no reason...

And they weren't all lined up lying around waiting to lay eggs like I thought they were....

Like she was indeed doing...

....because there was a hawk lurking around hunting and flushing the bats out of the trees and then scooping down to catch them! He was hopping from tree to tree flushing out the bats and I didn't have my camera on me!

Meanwhile the ducks I got the other day have been ever so obliging and have layed two eggs so far!


  1. That's interesting. I would never have thought that a hawk would go after bats. Love the shot of the one peeking in the kitchen window.

  2. I'm with Joe. Would have never suspected a hawk would go for bats - but I guess they're just a furry flying mammal - just like a mouse with wings I suppose. At least the bats don't have rabies or anything! I was worried about them being so active in the daytime!

  3. That's a new lesson for me, too. I never would have thought that hawks would have gone after bats. How clever to flush them out of the trees like that.

  4. Hi there Liesl,
    Just discovered your blog from "Desert Canyon Living" and I'm really enjoying it (DON'T like those bats, tho. Creepy!)
    Consider me your newest follower!

  5. Didn't really think about a hawk being interested in bats! I would have been creeped out with them flying around during the day.

  6. Hi there Kent Island Red
    Thank you for following my blog! So glad you are enjoying it! Yes,those bats had me creeped out too,until I found out what was making them flying around during the day and trying to get into my house!


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