Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trimming The Goats' Hooves

I caught Cules at it one morning having abandoned his gumboots 'cause they stank and going about his chores barefoot all day......

A little unconventional I say...but effective!

The goats bend the branches of thorn trees down with their front feet so always have thorn inflicted injuries on their feet,not to mention bacterial type infections due to all the rain and muddy conditions.

Good ad for Japanese steel!

Minki is always right there where the action is, she loves the goats..


  1. Your husband looks pretty comfortable without his boots on!

  2. Farmchick,he looks like a proper Hillbilly and all!

  3. Naked-footed redneck? - in reference to your last post. Ha!

    Love it! Looks like he means serious business. And when you're already sitting in the dirt to hold down a goat, why bother with footwear? I agree with his technique!

  4. Never thought to approach nail clipping that way! lol Actually it has reminded me to do the dog's nails today. Thanks.

  5. So that's how you trim a goat's hooves! Looks pretty efficient, and safe. You just have to have the strength to get them in that position in the first place.

  6. Not sure I'd be able to trim hooves like that.


  7. Interesting. I never knew you trimmed goats hooves. Then again I don't know much about goats :). One of the things I love about blogging is learning new things.


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