Friday, November 11, 2011

Great Balls Of Fire... was THAT time for the pigs and colts on the farm two weeks ago! The younger male specimens of those two breeds of animals on the farm never saw it coming...they still don't know what hit them! Some of them are still a bit stiff in the groin and don't know why...!

This is the picture that will spring to mind every time a man annoys me!!

This is how we do it..
First the colt is sedated by the vet...
We had the Chief  Vet Mr Paul van Dam and his veterinary wife Franza Keiser and our newly elected President of "The Endurance Ride Association Of South Africa" who lives just down the road from us, all present at "the proceedings"
In this picture above the President Mrs Francois du Preez is lending a helping hand on the right..

As soon as the colt is showing signs of going down the ropes are put in place to help him go down in the safest possible way and to pull his hindlegs forward so the vet can go about his/her bussiness in a safe way...

Something to make sure he feels no pain...

She makes sure that both testicals are "present"

..and there goes a whole lot of attitude.., biting,rearing,nipping..,bullying,screaming and shameful behaviour etc!!

The End


  1. Liesl!!!! I love your very nonchalant attitude! It cracks me up!
    One thing though, I am SO glad I am not Cules! I bet he promises all the time that he will behave!

  2. A least you don't pull any punches...thanks for the info as I didn't know this is how this was done.

  3. Oh my goodness I understand why it is done but Oh my goodness.

  4. ha ha! you crack me up! let's just lay it all out there...

  5. HI Liesl, I got my computer finally and this is what I get when I visit you for the first time in ages!! I have a dog that needs this treatment, but hubby won't cooperate just yet.

  6. Ha ha..I can just see some women turning inside out at this! I had it done to one of my horses once, the vet did it all while he stood! ;D

  7. I have seen this operation so many times but somehow it looks so much more gory in photos!!! Diane

  8. Ha! Quite the education. And love the commentary...


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