Monday, October 11, 2010

Bats Gone Batty

It is extremely hot today and I have the air conditioner on in my kitchen. It is 2:00 pm and the bats keep on flying themselves into the glass sliding doors trying to get into the nice cool cave I suppose. At first I thought it was birds but it was kinda consistent for that so I sat and waited a bit and four of them have fallen down onto the floor so far! They seem to be disorientated and panting a lot... All lay still for a couple of seconds and then flew off again.I am sure it is the heat....


  1. Oh poor babies! Great pictures of them, though! That one in the doorway is fantastic!

  2. Those are some great pictures, but bats do creep me out a little!

  3. There were bats flying all over the place,I only had to take three steps outside to take those pics and I thought two was quite enough!

  4. Oh my goodness!
    You are so very brave for getting that close.
    Bats and mice are my 2 great fears in life....I would rather see a snake.
    But good shots for sure:))

  5. Oh! That's a shame...and I'm not partial to bats...

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my place.
    It will be great to get to know you. I choose the stand back ground template for my blog as you...cause it said Africa (though my header pic is so big, you can't tell)

  6. Hi there allhorsestuff,thanx for returning the favour and stopping by my blog,I liked the brown background and only saw later that it said "Africa" so quite a coincidence as far as my blog's name is concerned!Looking forward to lots of horsey chats.

  7. Neat pics. We rarely see bats in the day time. They usually don't come out until dusk.

  8. We had a bat fly in the house last night, but they come in the house following insects that fly toward the lights, not to cool off. Our bats are tiny, very cute and only fly around at night. I haven't ever seen a bat in the daytime. I enjoyed looking at the photos on your blog. Beautiful country!


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