Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flyfishing Anyone? Part Three

                    So I start to make my way around the dam,enjoying the breathtaking scenery...

Those are the overnight cottages hidden amongst the trees....

I can't explain why, but I really,really didn't like the feel I got around these blue gum trees,I generally hate them,just a pet hate of mine I guess...

Looking back over my shoulder I see hubby still happily casting away...and came across them...

I so enjoyed their gentle bleating, I sat down and watched them for quite a while. Some were curious and came quite close. Being there made me feel happy...

After a while I walked on and saw this...and this....

Then I bumped into my daughters who were having a great time exploring around and they joined me in my quest for shade as it was getting hot by then

Oh s#%t Ma! These lone Blesbuck males are known to attack people especially during the mating was mating season....!!!

So it does this funny little jump thingy..and I tripped over my feet trying to get away before it gets me.....


Sorry about the quality of the shot...And because I was enjoying all of that and because my daughters and I hid in the shady spot until the buck was way out of sight,I don't have a single pic of a trout fish to show you!!
Cules got three and released them back into the dam as it was so freaking expensive buying them!
So I asked him how his day was.."Fun,but my arm hurts from all that casting, they really expect you to do a lot of practising you know!.....OK,what are we going to do now?  Him  "We are going to find a pub.."

The End


  1. Glad you were safe after all your exploring! And your girls too! Eek! Who knows what you could have come across (or what would have come across you!) I like how your husband's day of fun turned into a lot of work (and aches) for him. :)

  2. And even though your 2nd shot of the buck was cut off, the top part of the scenery and clouds is just fantastic!!!

  3. Nice job with the picutres. I like the shot of the flower with your daughter in the background.

  4. Liesl - on a totally different subject, I've been meaning to ask you - are your horses Arabians? I know Arabs are the typical horse for endurance rides. Did you see my post of my silly boy & his girl today?

  5. Texwisgirl-I just saw your post,your Arabs are stunning! Our horses are all Anglo-Arabs(Arab stallions used on Thoroughbred race horse mares) and Arab x Historical Boerperd horses. The Boerperd horses is a South African breed of horse used during the Boer War,They produce extremely tough, sure footed, and fast horses when crossed with Arabs. The only RSA horse who competed in the World Champs in Kentucky recently was such a cross and strangely bred on a farm close to where all these pics above were taken! We are currently looking out for a pure bred Arab colt,but so far no luck,all were sadly lacking in substance and bone to our liking so far...our deceased pure bred Arab stallion is a hard act to follow!

  6. Liesl - thanks for the follow up! I'll have to google the Boerperd breed. They sound amazing! Good luck finding a worthy stud colt! Looking forward to more of your horse pictures to come (and wildlife, and ducks, and wildflowers, and landscapes...) Ha! :)

  7. The Blesbuck pics are great. Glad it don't attack.

  8. Like a dream it seems like -you sitting among the sheep in the shade. Glad he caught some and you enjoyed the day too.


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