Thursday, November 11, 2010


My eldest daughter Tarien went to the first Rodeo in South Africa this past weekend,though it was nothing like the Rodeos in America and even talk of not having horses again next year because they are just too sensitive, (which is a good thing in my opinion!) Remember we don't have cutting,reining etc like in the U.S.A and it is mainly a bunch of wannabe cowboys trying to ride the crap out of everything, but according to my daughter the opposite happened most of the time! I dream of watching a real American Rodeo in the USA one day. Yesterday we had the Vet out to administer the African Horse Sickness vaccinations,it is a terrible disease borne by virus carrying midges and no horse is immune to it,no matter how many times it has been inoculated against it! I have acquired three stunning ponies for my riding school,Scooby Doo, a 14.3hh laid back gelding,Tinkerbell,a 13.2 hh skewbald pony and Pixie Dust,a 12hh skewbald mare who was used in therapy sessions with handicapped kids,she is still with her previous owner until her foal is weaned next month.The Rodeo event took place on the largest Friesian Horse Stud in the Southern Hemisphere! Thank you to my friend Tariena and her husband who took my daughter with them to see this event! Here are some pics.

Willow trees...

The biggest Friesian stallion at stud in RSA,17.3hh  Bertus B....waiting to go into the arena for his demonstration.
Apparently this animal has goose flesh presence..

Showing how a Friesian does Grand Prix Dressage moves!

Miniature donkeys! I want one! Look at the size of the baby!

Off course Tarien HAD to try the mechanical bull.

The singing cowboy and his........,wait for it...Historical Boerperd! (Proudly South African)

This horse is amazingly well-schooled,I could do with a horse or two like that in my riding school!


  1. I love the Friesian's they are so stunning! Love the mini donkeys too and I too would love to have a bunch! Looks like a great day :D

  2. Some nice happy pictures of this event. Always good to see some real life in a post. The willow tree picture is great by the way.

  3. Oh those Friesians are SO gloriously gorgeous! And HUGE! The Boerperd is a wonderful crowd horse! Wow! Like how the baby donkey's halter doesn't even stay on his tiny head...

    There's a nationally known rodeo here in Mesquite, Texas (about an hour from where we live) so come on over and I'll take you! Lots of cowboying and beef and horses (and some cute kids trying to catch calves). :)

    Congrats on securing 3 great horses for your riding stable! Can't wait to see pictures!

    BTW, did you name your daughter after your friend or is that just a coincidence? :)

  4. Hi Texwisgirl,no that is just coincidence,Friend Tariena,her daughter,Tarushcka,her horse Tariq,and my daughter Tarien,quite a mouthful of "T's" if you ask me!

  5. What a beauty that Friesian is! Not that I have ever heard of one, mind you. But it is some horse indeed.
    Those willows too. What a setting. Thanks Liesl, interesting post.

  6. I need a donkey. In fact, the husband and I were just discussing obtaining one! Love that Fresian. Just gorgeous.

  7. Love the looks of this rodeo! WHAT FUN!!!
    That was one TALL horse- wow!
    And I too would love a miniature awesome would that be as a pet. I wonder if it would go running with me in the mornings....?;))

  8. Gorgeous horse, but my heart belongs to donkeys and I don't think I've ever seen a cuter one than that little foal.--Inger


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