Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Da Foals Have Started Arriving!!

Huge amounts of excitement in my life a.t.m. as the Welsh B  mares have started foaling! Already there is a slight nip in the air most mornings and I hope the foals will be safe from the dreaded African Horse Sickness. The 6 month old foal should be weaned from his mother soon,but I am holding back as his immunity system will go down from stress the moment I wean him and A.H.S is at its peak just now..

Rowan Yours Truly with her filly foal by Roly House Of Stars.

I named the filly;

 Stonecroft Your A Star. 

Her half brother (same Dam), just cleaned up in the Riding Pony Classes at The Horse Of The Year Show in Johannesburg this week!

Myself and too muddy Thoroughbred mares after being dipped for ticks.

Anabar Reef on the left and Dearly Me on the right.

Another thoroughbred mare is due to arrive on the farm soon,she is a well known, ex show mare named Charmed Circle,who has bred a few Show Winners herself.

Yes the chubby one is Moi...blame it on the Festive season!


Cules and his latest toy...he had to acquire it, as our first Hunting Safari is happening this coming weekend!

The name of our outfit??

You guessed it!

A little African Magic Hunting Safaris.

Look who is peeping through the small window in the back.

Hallo Minki,yes I did get your good side!


Minki and Bella having a good ole time....


Buttermilk buckskin filly foal,
Stonecroft Seren Nimbus, 
...having a stretch.


Six months old colt foal, Stonecroft Heartsease.

Due to be weaned soon..

The words "I want my Mommy" will have special meaning to him one of these days.

The End