Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My sis-in-law invited us to their beach cabin in Mozambique last year,in the end only the two girls went as we couldn't leave the farm and animals unattended. The girls were spoilt rotten by them and enjoyed themselves to the point of exhaustion. It is a beautiful country, and very popular holiday destination once again. The closest border post is about a four hour drive from where we live. There are too many pics to choose from,but here are some....

Cerulean Blue

Just like in the movies..

Who wants to go sailing in a bright blue and red boat?

This used to be a five star hotel before the war..

Sand dunes

We missed you too!

Love you!

The girls were so glad to see the Colonel does business in Mozzies too!


  1. Your girls are just precious! And I had to laugh at the KFC sign!

    I'm sorry to see that war leaves such devastation in such a pretty land.

  2. It's such fun to read the African blogs. I follow four now. The girls are so sweet, I love the heart made of shells. I also love the boat. The colors are wonderful.--Inger

  3. Wonderful shots and your girls are so lovely.


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