Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fly Fishing Anyone? Part Two

There's a chubby little women rolling  down the hill! Let's get outta here!


Cules and his coach for the day starts scouting for trout....
How does this one look?  Naaa...OK let's move on to the next dam..

But why won't this dam work? You all are doing an awful lot of walking up and down...aren't you suppose to just sit yourselves down and start catching fish.....?

This one looks promising!  OK

While Cules is practising his casting I'm enjoying the spectacular scenery.....
Then I get to thinking...
There's no shade here next to the water.....

Dear Lord, I hope they don't plan on walking all the way to those dams!

Ah! There's a nice shady spot, it is all the way  round on the other side of the dam,but what the heck, the walk would help pass the time right...??

Part 3  Coming Soon...


  1. Liesl,
    Do you fly fish? Because I love to fish-it's so much fun. I'm like you I need the shade -hope you get to it in part 3!

  2. I like this scenery. I can't wait to see if anyone caught a fish.

  3. You like building suspense, don't you? I have visions of creatures lurking in the trees, just waiting to attack you! :)

  4. Hi Vicky, I can't fly fish to save my life! I do fish with hubby and enjoy it, but have never tried fly fishing! I am sure to hang myself trying!


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