Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Things have been going pretty steadily here as always. A good lunch on the porch of my favourite restaurant close to our home. Sitting under the huge chinese lanterns blowing in a gentle breeze, watching a pod of hippo moving past in the river just feet away...the river is rather overgrown with hiasinth at the moment. Just thought I'd share the wigwams with you next to the bar...that's for the men who have had a bit too much fun into the early morning hours,they can sleep over there free of charge!

The End

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sunset Walk With Young Dogs.

Saturday evening Cules  and I went for a walk in a dry riverbed on the Game Farm where he now works.We also had  the twin sons of a friend who had gone hunting for the afternoon with us and boy did the words young boys + young dogs+ play get new meaning for me! They played and played together until both the boys and the dogs were dead tired....Minki kept an eye on proceedings for us  and kept everyone in their place off course!

The breeds of dogs here are;
Irish  Terriers,  Dogos  Argentina, Blue Tick, Pit Bull, and a Jack Russel. 

It's Minki !

We all had a great time playing in the crimson and golden shadows in the water.

The End 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Searching for a property in Haenertsburg

Hi all,yes, I am back after a long absence thanks to a new tablet and MUCH, MUCH faster Internet connection! It is now nothing but a joy to connect to the Internet again! A lot has happened in this time,a lots of changes and things about to change and others have pretty much stayed the same...

Yes, it's Minki having a well deserved rest at our favourite coffee shop in Haenertsburg called...Minki's! 

We had been looking at a property we like very much and hope to do a quick sale and finally move up to our beloved mountain. Minki had been swimming in a dam and was also covered in burs so she wasn't really  looking her svelte self.

Here is a pic or so of the property.

It is absolutely stunning,pine trees,ponds,one is huge where we will build the house,ferns,wild mushrooms and I am sure a fairy or two!

It is all and more I have dreamed of in a mountain property and off course one shouldn't get ahead of oneself as I now have to find a buyer for our property down the valley. Let's hope we can make this work!

Have a lovely Sunday and I will be taking some more pics to post about.

The End