Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My First Holiday In Mozambique

Last Saturday, Cules, Jess and I left the farm for our  holiday in Mozambique. Jess and Tarien had already been there. Tarien chose to save her leave for December when she and her two friends are going to Kwa Zulu Natal. She came to stay on the farm to look after Minki for us. Jess wanted to see her cousin and niece from the Cape again and also celebrated her real 21st birthday on the beach with us.We all left with mixed feelings,I bawled my eyes out as I had to leave Minki behind and have never been away from her for such a long time,Cules found his sheep ewes started lambing season  in full swing with 15 new lambs just two days before leaving!  Jess was hartsore for having to leave the boyfriend behind with a hunting safari....Saturday night we stayed over in Baberton with my long time horsey friend,Jean Fick. Sunday morning the whole family left from Baberton through Swaziland to Mozambique. It was the first time ever I left South African soil and got to move through both Swaziland and Mozambique border posts in one day. Finally my passport has foreign stamps in it!

The friendly staff at the Swaziland border made a breeze of the paperwork..

The toilets had free supplies of condoms and Cules stuffed a handful in his Mom's purse without her knowing...until she fished in there for a tissue......

The moment when Gran pulled out a condom from her handbag.....

 The road up until this point in Mozambique was horrendous to say the least....

We were all VERY tired at this point....

Break of day in the land of rice fields,sand dunes,sea,coral reefs,coconut palms and the Portugese language...


The post office in Xai Xai.

It felt so strange to be greeted "Ola" by the natives...I thought I was in Portugal or wasn't very long before we all caught up and "Ola'd" every one!

The bridge on our way to Xai Xai..

Rice fields..


Construction going on, on one of the bridges

It felt good to be a Senorita!!!

The coolest Ultra City eva!!

Negotiating the outskirts of Maputo was a jaw dropping event,nerve wrecking to say the least...this little car whizzed by us at neck breaking speed!

Yes folks,only a few years ago there was a war going on here! This poor beautiful old house looks like it was used for target practise...

We had a awesome time there with the family,I got to snorkel for the first time in my life and it was the most incredible feeling swimming along the reef with the most stunning array of fish!

Beach pics to follow next time when my sister-in-law have mailed me some...I never once took my camera with me to the beach...perhaps a blessing in disguise as my other sis-in-law,dropped hers in the ocean!

The End