Friday, July 29, 2011

Scenes Around The Farm Today

In  a snit because they were dewormed and dehorned yesterday!

No more bottles!!

Gulp it down double quick before the Jack Russel wants in!!

The smallest of the lot needs to be watched carefully to make sure he gets enough milk in..

Especially with a certain milk lover in the vicinity...

Cules is not wearing long sleeves but it is the middle of winter here!!!

Look,our first ever cow (calve) pats on the farm!!

Some indigenous pedi sheep, a bit bewildered as most of their buddies have just been sold...

Some goat ewes and kids basking in the winter sun..

Some more moms and kids..

A four horned sheep came home with us from last week's auction..

My future milk cow, Dolly..
In a tizz  because the humans actually dehorned her!!
She is picking up weight nicely now.

The mommy pig is about to have babies again..

They tagged me...!
They dehorned and dewormed and TAGGED me!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Greased Lightning!

Four little Friesian calves came home with us from the last auction! One heifer (named Dolly) and three bull calves.
They obligingly drank their bottles on arrival and the first morning and then Cules decided to switch them to buckets and they gracefully slurped it up without too much hassle! They each stand by their buckets four times a day and happily drink their milk,we couldn't believe how easily they switched over to drinking from buckets...

Friday, July 22, 2011

What's Wrong With These Pics...???

What are these rednecks doing in my chicken coop???

I don't like rednecks..

Now I have three and the two hens  are brooding on stacks of little rednecks..!!!

What drove this hen to be a baby snatcher...she already has her own chicks...

I have no words...this is just wrong..,

My best looking rooster has hooked up with the four guineas...!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whip Cracking And Why You Don't Mess With A Farmer Girl....

Farmer girls are good at cracking bull whips...they can even handle them left or right handed...this is Jess demonstrating her skill with a whip....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Halloo The Hounds

Cules has the hounds loose on the yard today for some bonding....I am keeping a beady eye on our kebabs on the barbeque..I have learned that when the hounds are loose on the yard while we are having a barbeque,you have to keep a beady eye on the meat and the hounds....

Meet the pack


Gascon Saintongeois 


Blue Tick Bitch

New kid on the block,showing she can work it...


American Plott X Gascon Saintongeois Bitch

This is a terrier who thinks she is a human...

We love this terrier who thinks she is human...


Gascon Saintongeois Male

(in the background)

In the foreground

Retired Terrier Riempies...

He is retired because he is very,very old

and because...

He now confuses a pointed camera with a pointed gun....

Flower doesn't think much of all the fancy hounds...

Riempies gets very cross when the camera doesn't go "BANG..."

Which is why he is now retired...

The End

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Auction Days

We have been attending quite a few auctions lately, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Belfast and Delmas and weekends we drive to places like Gauteng (Pretoria and Johannesburg)  in our never ending search for sheep and goats....I have been informed by " The Boss"  that we will be visiting the Kalahari Desert and The Great Karoo (Cape) in the next month or so! We like nothing better than travelling the country and seeing the unknown places we have never been to before (like the Kalahari Desert!) This will be a 1000km trip for us and we are so looking forward to it! I have learned a couple of interesting things while attending these auctions with Cules....,like why a couple of Angora goats have been our biggest bargains ever....,we bought them included in a group of Boer goats and went to sell them at a auction a couple of days later and got four times what we paid for them..! Why?  Because some guy buys sheep (Merinos) at the auctions,shaves them and brings them back to be sold again the next week having made tons of money from their wool!! Our customers likes to buy shaved sheep so they can judge whether they are thin or fat at a glance,so Cules has latched on to these lots at the auctions something terrible!

I was just thinking this goat must sure be happy that he won't be hunted for his "trophy," then remembered that he is probably at the auction to be sold to the meat man...

Hey,Mister...,why do you have such big horns?????

What,do you want to challenge ME?

Do you know who I am??

Cules was the only man present who dressed so he was colour coded with his dog....

Nah, it just happened both him and Minki felt like wearing blue on a cold Wednesday morning...