Friday, October 15, 2010

Ducks Out!

We let the ducks out of their coop for the first time yesterday. Their appearance made for some comical reactions from the old inmates...

Hooplah! Get into single file everybody,quick about it!


What the...? she not pregnant, just a little chubby and very lazy by nature

Minkie Horse (yeah there's a Minkie Horse and a Minki Dog on this farm!)


The ducks were blissfully ignorant of all the excitement they were causing...


Can we eat those..?

Charlie the Rooster

You keep away from MY women you duck thing you!
Yes you!

Making their own little puddle

Ducks consider a leaking pipe a blessing!


  1. So cute! All your ducks were in a row.
    The rooster is lovely.

  2. They are wonderful!!! I love a happy duck! We used to raise some muscovys here (until Thelma & Louise eliminated them...)

    Stingray is GORGEOUS!!! What a wonderfully built horse!

    Love to see ALL your animals! Even the portly, lazy dog!!! :)

  3. Hi Texwisgirl,BTW both Mienki and Stingray are regstered Boerperd mares!

  4. The duckies are adorable. And, your horses are beautiful. So strong and sturdy looking. I see in your reply that they are Boerperd mares. I never heard of that breed, and am now off to google.

  5. The ducks looks like they're having a blast in that water!


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