Monday, January 28, 2013

Maybe The Dummest Thing I gone Done Did For 2013

Yeah,we where invited to go down the Selati River as it only "floods" once a kazillion years...It is the rainy season here and so I thought on this invitation for about 2 weeks (it took this long for the waters to subside enough to my way of thinking...) before accepting and promptly floating down this river on tractor tubes....My husband had to beg a friend of his...( foreman on a citrus farm locally) to lend him a lot of tractor tubes for all of us to go floating down this river for about 3 hours yesterday(Sunday) afternoon...What can I say but that this definitely was one of the highlights of my life,as it is not something you can up and do again next weekend as the waters will be mostly gone by then in this particular river...I fear crocodiles almost as much as I fear snakes...The owner of this farm promised me that never in 30 years has he seen a croc in this part of the river .....I said thank you,but no thank you.... they kept on inviting me...then he said my chances for 2013 down the Selati is almost gone,then my husband begged me to go....then I said, OH S@#|% ok!. Then my Hubby bought me 2 bottles of the best Chardonnay we can afford,guzzled one down my throat and I was like...."OK, bring it on  crocs!!!!" Minki said she wanted to go down the Selati too...,together with the Yorkie Kendra and Toontjies the Pavement all know that breed,don't you???

The grey haired person is me,that is Cules handing Minki her "rubber duck boat" to her...she found it too lonesome and preferred to be with either Cules or I on our tubes... There where two real life jockeys in that there river,not one but two!!! of which was the winner of the 2012 South African Classic to boot!! One is the cousin of the owner of the farm and the other a friend...the tales they have to tell....The worst injury the one jockey got was in a fun charity race on Shetland ponies...his leg was fabulously broken...After a long day of that, I forced my husband to go home at 6:30 to much objection all around because some of the other women then also wanted to go wash all that sand out of those crevices they never knew they had...enough said...the biggest action of the day was still to come for us and our neighbours....

We arrived home to find an Mozambican Spitting Cobra on our front porch ready to do battle and me having to try and keep Minki safe while Cules sorted out the snake....

We phoned our neighbours to inform them about our "welcome" at home only to hear the wife frantically trying to tell us that they have just arrived to find their dogs fighting a CROCODILE IN THEIR GARAGE!!!! She said her husband told her to tell Cules sorry he tried to catch it but it got away...!!!

Such was our Sunday Evening....

The End

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Phyton Attack

This is what we found first thing this morning

A phyton killed,then tried to swallow this young sheep ewe in the pen last night.

Obviously it was quite a large snake to have been able to kill this size lamb,but it couldn't manage to swallow the 6 month old lamb.

You can see from the slime on it's head and neck, where the snake gave up and regurgitated the lamb.

Poor thing,what a horrible,horrible way to die and that for nothing...

The End

More Bathroom Makeover Pics

Basin in bathroom with slipper bath.

This is the ladies' bathroom.

It's feminine.

There is loads of bubble bath and bath salts.

Body and hand lotions.

body and hand soaps.

There is also pearl necklaces and bracelets draped on the granite basin top

I made sure that men would NOT feel comfortable there...

Because they are not welcome there.....

Men use the shower bathroom...

They know they are welcome there...


Basin in bathroom with shower.

The pebble listelli and basin gives it a bit of a Zen feel...

The tiles in both bathrooms are the same waterproof porcelain and looks like wood,it creates a feeling of being somewhere in the bush,where giant matumi trees,ferns,rocks,waterfalls and pebbles are in on our farm!!

I still LOVE it!

The End

Bathroom Makeover Pictures!

I don't know why,but it seems apparently today,after weeks of not being able to load pics on my blog,I am able to do very cautiously,here is a pic of the bath in case picasa decides I can't load any other pics! After this post I shall try to load more! Happy new year to all my blogger friends and I hope you all had a awesome holiday season!