Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teaching The Young Hounds To Track

Cules and his friend Gavin went out into the mountains to teach the young hounds some tracking skills. I opted out because it involved hours and hours of walking and running up and down valleys,through thorn bushes and never knowing what the hounds might scare up under your feet! The dogs all have tracking devices on so if one gets lost you have to go find it, that may turn into searching long into the night in dangerous terrain.

On arrival,waiting to have their tracking devices fitted.

Encouraging the Boss!

The tiny white spot in the far distance is where they left the truck!

The kind of terrain to negotiate down in the valleys

Gavin looking to find tracks with the more experienced hounds. Once again the hounds all behaved very well and stayed close to their handlers so no-one got lost!


  1. It's interesting how sometimes your landscape looks similar to what we have here. More bushy and with taller grasses where you are. I love your hounds. You can see the best dog we ever had, Bandit, a hound-dog cross of some kind, in my sidebar.

  2. Hi Inger
    We live about 20 min. drive from the mountains were the scenery changes from Pine forests,to heaths,to woods & lakes and even California like grassland hills! It is my dream to one day own a property up there. We shall sell our property and buy a place up there when the time is right.I will go and check out Bandit now!Were'of to the mountains AGAIN tomorrow. Have a great day!

  3. This is a beautiful landscape and so similar to ones here in America. I love the look of the dogs. So handsome. Glad they had a successful trip.

  4. Just nothing better than happy and excited hound dogs! Glad they once again did well and behaved themselves! (And all came back safely!)

  5. Thanks for the update on the hounds. A lot of the bear hunters I know have tracking collars on their dogs to help them find them.

  6. wow. This is interesting. ALways have wondered how one would train a hound!
    That looks like beautiful land...and a bit unnerving while you train hounds (and all they like to do is run:))
    They went quite the distance!!!!


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