Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Look Who Came Home For A Quick Visit This Weekend!

She travelled for 7 1/2 hours just to come and say hallo! She missed her bedroom,the horses,the baby animals,the dogs,her Sis,Cules and I hope she missed me too! She loves her flat,varsity life and the sport facilities. She has settled in so well it is scary!
It made me think (again) on how quickly they grow up and fly the nest. I had a very busy week backing children's ponies and working with my young riding school ponies that I found myself taking this trip down memory lane......

Sis Tarien on her best ever pony,Signorita Cali. She won countless ribbons on her.
Cali ownes Tarien's heart.

Jess on Bo Jest,she schooled him up through all the grades herself,he ownes her heart. He is still with us and now semi retired at 19 years old. He once dumped her in a thorn bush next to a line of jumps nine times in
a row! Both Tarien and I witnessed that one...she got on time and again until they got their striding right and
jumped the line successfully a few times over before she rewarded him and finished the session...
Ahhh those memories...Tarien and Cali had a similar experience with a water jump once...Tarien reads my blog every day ,so I won't go into that one...

Jess and her best friend. Here Jessica won her first major showjumping event in the higher grades on Bo Jest and was announced Victrix Ludorium. The sportsmanship between these kids were amazing! Look how her friend nearly pulls her of her pony for joy!!  
How I miss those days. They must hurry up and have their own babies now, so I can drag them to the showgrounds!!! On second thoughts....not just yet...!


  1. What great photo memories....and so SWEET to come home to say Hi:) Yes..I'm sure you were a reason to:))
    She looks very talented on the horse of hers!

  2. Such a wonderful post. My daughter begs me for a horse all the time... so I dare not show her your page today! :)

  3. Thank you Dawn,both kids worked really hard to achieve all they had with their ponies,but believe me,they played even harder! They used to tie sheets around them and go galloping about the farm, what a sight,all the things they could come up with!

  4. Hi there Allison, it is amazing what having a pony does for a little girl,not to mention Mom and Dad's pocket? Worth every cent and all those adventurous outings...

  5. Your daughter's heart will always be at the farm. It's home. Terrific photos.

  6. What great memories - and great accomplishments!!! I wish I had had the opportunity to grow up on horses rather than starting later as an adult with fears...

    You have such pretty girls...

  7. Those are wonderful memories. I'm glad your daughter came home for a bit and can feel the joy in your post. Some people say that pony is a four letter word, but I think that ponies and kids go together, in a very special way.

  8. Those show photos are wonderful! You've given her such great memories to come home to visit.


  9. They do grow up fast. It seems like yesterday when I was putting my daughter on the school bus for the first she'll be 25 in April :).

  10. Such wonderful memories. And what a wonderful way to grow up. Your daughter will treasure those years too.--Inger


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