Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pomegranates,Mud Horses,Hippos and Minki's Latest Tricks

Firstly,I would like to welcome  Eartboysblog and Roxy,two new followers of my blog. Welcome girls!

Nitro thought I needed to give him some attention, so he went and did this...
We also had a lone hippo come grazing by the dam nearest our house about 80-100m away from us around 3:30 yesterday afternoon causing lots of excitement in the household! In retrospect, maybe Nitro caught a few tips from the hippo as he was in the same paddock as said visitor!

Minki has been doing weird things lately like occupying my favourite chair whenever she can...

It's just so much more comfortable than ANY other chair in the house....she also likes to wake me up VERY early some mornings and pretend like she HAS to go outside,so I struggle up out of bed,stumble down the hallway,open the glass sliding door Minki.....I call and call her but she doesn't come,so I stumble back down the hallway to find this.....

What you want....?
It is getting cooler here in the mornings,so maybe thats why she likes to have more space in the bed for that last lie in before getting up!

I was so scared of missing out on our Pomegranate tree's fruit again this year because of flies and riding school children stealing them...  (I still love those kids!)  that I plucked them as they were just starting to blush....they were so tasty!


  1. Ahh, my friend Jeanene at Earthboys pointed me your way and how happy I am she did!!! Your blog settles my aching heart yearning for home - Zimbabwe.

  2. Hippos on my doorstep - what a name for a book LOL.

    Nitro obviously was in need of a bit of massage with the curry comb so he forced the issue. Diane

  3. I love the animals AND the fruit! You make me want to visit, Liesl!

  4. Hi Kelly,thank you for following my blog! So nice to know that you get a "fix" out of my blog!
    You are so right Dianne,who is going to write the book though?Ha Ha
    Hey Allison,you are more than welcome to come and visit any time! ...I also loved the fruit lol!

  5. Happy to see someone else with a muddy horse! You pup does the very same thing ours do...part of the family for sure. Love pomegranates, you are fortunate to have a tree!

  6. Minki is just living the good life ;). LOL.

  7. goodluck always

    please visit my blog also

    thank you so much

  8. That Minki is such a scamp!!! Good thing she's CUTE!!!

    My mare went into the back woods and found the little muddy pond back there and rolled in it two days in a row now too.

    Our neighbor's cows come over to our pasture every so often, but yesterday one of their horses made it thru their fence and has been roaming our hay pasture. But at least it's not a hippo!!!

    I was wondering how your horse riding school was going and how the equestrian club was going. :)

  9. My goodness what a different world you live in - hippos and pomegranates - but dogs are dogs everywhere I guess, as mine outsmart me quite often also. I am trying to imagine what a fresh pomegranate would taste like.

  10. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine how our horses would react to a hippo! It wouldn't be pretty.

  11. My Jack Russell loves our bed and will snuggle in it every chance she gets...which is most nights. I can't imagine a hippo! That is why I enjoy your blog. You give me a taste of a totally different world.

  12. Cute.
    And I can't believe you get those growing in your yard!!!!
    I pay an arm and a leg for those fruits:)

  13. Our horses love to do that is so fun to watch then get ready to get down and dirty! That dog of yours is a smart one thats for sure..and very funny! ;D

  14. I will try again....comment would not publish.
    Today as we were going to the beach we saw a horse just like Nitro! Covered from head to toe with mud! Must be in the air!
    And imagine growing your own pomegranates! Great photo too!

  15. Muddy horses and dogs that steal into bed. That sounds familiar. The hippo, no so much. I wonder what Pomegranates taste like? They have them at our grocery store. Maybe I should buy one, just to see. I'll have to look up how to fix it, though.


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