Thursday, March 24, 2011

Farmers Day On The Banks Of The Letaba River

Cules and I had a stall for our  feed company at a farmers day on a beautiful farm on the banks of our beloved Letaba river yesterday. What fun we had! We loaded two sheep ewes and two young goat rams for our display and off we went. There were lots of farming equipment,earth moving equipment and interesting stalls and people.

A labourer's cottage on the banks of the river,it must have been flooded during the recent floods judging by the flood line on the right hand corner of the picture..

This machine looks like something straight out of a Mad Max movie and is used to trim orange trees.

Still assembling this tree trimmer...

The entrance to the stalls area...

Minki had a ball,her body must be stiff today because she was wagging her tail the whole day!

Putting up our stall...

A close up on our sign board,note the rhino likes red undies!!

The pub and diner,where we could watch the crocs and hippos,they had a floodlight on the river during the night and it was magical!

Old cars..

Game viewing vehicles....

Anyone need a lawnmower?

Cules and Minki posing with the charming owner of this STUNNING farm,Kallie Erasmus.

I supported this cooldrinks stall during the day because my two girls went to this Primary school,neat hairdo's guys!

Two huge pots of maize meal porridge were kept going all through the day and most of the night!

Getting ready to watch the display of farming and earth moving equipment...

A humerous touch by the organizer of the event,the mens urinals, to fit all sizes short and tall,from little boys to Mr Beeeg! No I didn't slip into the mens toilets,Cules went back and took this picture for me after he came out in a fit of giggles.

It was terribly hot and humid and these two little boys found an ingenious way of cooling off! We were all wishing we were kids again!


Some of the farmers arrived in style and I highjacked a heli for picture purposes!

More arrivals...

Coming in fast and low with his siren blaring away! Show off...., but it was a really good show!

Touch down...

This bird looked like a racing machine to me! There is something about a fiery red car or helicopter!
I was glad I wasn't flying back home in one of these after the party!

I was not getting out of this one until the owner gave us a flip in it over our worked!!!
Check that ear to ear grin!


  1. This will be last comment until arrival and internet connection in France but I had to say it looks like you had an amazing day and I am so jealous. Thank goodness I am going into French summer, so maybe I will feel better after this crumby British winter. Your photos are fantastic. Take care I hope to be back soon. Diane

  2. What a wonderful day and night! I'd be scared of the crocs, but I guess you're used to it (I just rented Crocodile Dundee this week - go figure!).

    Lovely red earth under the trees in the first pic. And those urinals... there is so much to say there! :D

  3. My kind of event...heavy equipment, old trucks. Looks like everyone had a good time. Love the rhino on your sign :).

  4. You're such a cute babe, I'm sure the helicopter owner couldn't resist your sweet smile!

    I didn't recognize Cules with his beard!!! Cute little Minki has so much fun! I hope your feed company gets lots of business from this expo!

  5. Thank yo texwisgirl, Cules remebered to shave his beard this morning,so Iam happy to tell you he looks human again!! We will be attending quite a few of these expos now.

  6. What a different/interesting life you lead, Liesl! You are right in the 'thick of things'.
    Great photo account of the day! Good job.

  7. Hi Jim,thank you for the compliment. I have to say if I didn't know Cules I would probably also be living a quieter life. He is a busy, adventurous sort and I just tag along!

  8. THAT looks like one super fun event! Yay for you for getting in that helicopter. I wish I was as brave:)

  9. How fun and exciting! I love the little old yellow truck..and the men's urinals..way too funny! Looks like a real fun day..sweet heli's too! :D

  10. Looks like a really fun time was had by all. And it was fun for me to see a few Swedish companies there: Volvo and Husqvarna.--Inger

  11. Looks like such a fun day. Wish I could have been there!!!

  12. Looks like a busy day. You must have enjoyed those helicopters! I like the poike pots with warm sadza ..mmm!

  13. Looks like a real fun day and exciting day for you. Great post and photos.

  14. That looks like so much fun! Amazing--the size of some of that machinery!


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