Friday, March 4, 2011

A Hay Baling Scenario

Cules started baling hay for our animals for the coming winter. I love the smell of cut grass,watching the birds and jackal emerge to catch mice and all sorts of critters forced to show themselves. Sometimes I find myself in a field in the middle of now where and the stillness of the bush is pure bliss.

A stately lone heron

My man

Sweaty,dirty,dusty..... but oh so happy with a day's work gone well...
"Hey, Honey pass us a beer please!"

Howzit!.....or the American version...Howdy!
The birds are very active at a baling scene. All day long,egrets,heron,hawks (big and small),guinea fowl and partridges go about their business....

A day's work....

Jackal would have come out of these grasses immediately after we left,and the caracal would probably have waited until nightfall to silently and warily join the feast.


  1. That first picture is just stunning, truly.

  2. I liked the dusty, hazy, sunshine in your face shots - made me feel like I was right there in the midst of the hay field. :) The egrets are VERY plentiful! I had to google caracal. Wow! They (and the jackal) must be amazing to see/hear!

    It was nice to see square bales. So many folks do the large round ones here as they're easier to feed to beef cattle. But in Wisconsin, square bales were more the norm.

    Hurray for Cules!

  3. Very cool photos! Love the area!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the smell of fresh hay and that feeling of satisfaction, knowing there is plenty for the animals to eat over the winter.


  5. Beautiful looking hay. Your critters will be very happy for it when the cold winds blow. Those are beautiful shots, evoking a hard day's work and a job well done.

  6. I love the look to these pictures! Have you ever heard the song "She thinks my tractor's sexy" ? You ought to! I looks just like that music video... one of my favorite, too. :D heehee, there's a secret I never tell anyone!!

  7. Oh, it is a little bit of magic here at your site!! So glad to have found you! I just love travelling to Africa through your blog! Beautiful land and the best kind of work! It's real and gives what we humans really!
    Have a lovely and restful Sunday!
    Please join me at my history (and sometimes Edward the cat) site! I'd love to have you!

  8. Hi there, just found your site. I am so jealous, Africa, horses, farm life and on the border of Kruger, gods own country and life to go with it :)
    I do not regret our move to France as I love France and the French people despite my useless French. Even the words I do know they can't understand as they say the Afrikaans accent makes it difficult! S.Africa/Zimbabwe (no Rhodesia!) will always be home to me. Love your blog and will be back. Diane

  9. One of the "joys" of summer. Luckily my farmer buddy got rid of the small square baler years ago and got a big round baler.

  10. I can feel the acceleration you both must have felt after this! You've captured it perfectly, Liesl! Nice job!

  11. Hey Liesl....there's no option to comment on today's post! :( I'll check back later to see if there is.... but I wanted to say... I LOVE KFC! but you should have had your calamari. :) xoxo

  12. Hi Allison,I saw it and I don't know why it did that...maybe a Blogger problem...Thank you for replying on this post!

  13. Hi there: Couldn't post a comment on your KFC post so thought I'd throw one here. I SWEAR something the Colonol puts in his "11 herbs and spices" is some sort of drug which makes you addicted to his chicken. One summer I craved KFC all the time!!! I loved your "sulk" photo. :(


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