Monday, March 7, 2011

One Night In......

....No,not Bangkok..., my  hometown   Tzaneen...! Going into town to get take aways when we are too lazy to cook is not always a straight forward kinda outing..even if it's only Cules and I at home. He will ALWAYS  go for..

While I prefer pizza or...,or, hmm what do I want for supper tonight..?

..Wait!  I want Captain Dorego's fabulous calamari!!!! 
Where are you going Cules? .. I said I want... "I bought a bucket of chicken...,you will have chicken for supper with me tonight....
BUT...  Cules    "There's no parking in front of Dorego's"

Sorry,  I take blurry kinda pictures when I sulk....


  1. Liesl, that last photos could be framed and hung! Love it! Keep sulking, you never know what you will come up with!

  2. I think I have to side with Cules on this one. I had calamari once. That was enough.

  3. haha! Oh good to know someone else sulks over the meal dilemma;))
    I would have had to go for the Colonel though;))

  4. No calamari for me either. One more vote for Cules.

  5. I took a trip to Oxford today and came home with boerewors so made pap and sous to go with it. What a special occasion it was for us :-))) Diane

  6. I'm not much for eating out, but I love your pictures. That last one is just so cool!


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