Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Lambs Have Started Arriving!

Cules just phoned me from outside the house to come and look!

See what happened just now!
While I have been preparing supper someone else has been hard at work!
Thank goodness that wasn't my task for the day....

A baby lamb has just been born here on Stonecroft Farm!
Minki has another baby to help look after! Yay!
Mommy and baby are just fine,Minki want's to play nanny already,but Mommy isn't having ANY of that.
It is a little son of Mielies'


  1. Oh, there is nothing as sweet as a newborn animal. Soon that little one will be running and jumping with the best of them. Soon? He or she probably is already.

  2. So adorable! Glad mom and baby are doing well.


  3. So sweet...they are staring to arrive here too..but it is still so cold!

  4. He must have JUST been born. Sweet.

  5. Oh, oh, oh! That is so sweet!! My farmer hubby would butcher and eat those with a garlic sauce, but I just like admiring their tiny cuteness!
    My daughter picked out a carmel-colored bunny for her birthday today, and there were lambs there, too.

  6. How wonderful.. a cute new mouth to feed. Its so adorable!


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