Friday, March 18, 2011

Wild Orchids

We have the most beautiful orchids growing wild in the bush on our farm. They are indigenous and I have only ever seen them in a species of trees called "Mopane trees"  The Mopane is also a very interesting tree as it is home to the Mopane caterpillar,which is a highly sought after delicacy of the native African people. They are extremely high in protein. The caterpillars make their short lived  appearance around December.

Animal feed companies in the area also use the leaves of the Mopane trees in their game and other feeds as animals just love the taste.


  1. Those orchids are lovely. Have you ever tried Mopani worms yourself? I was talked into flying ants but I was never convinced about the caterpillars!! Diane

  2. Wow! So beautiful and exotic! You have such neat stuff there - so different than what we have here in Texas. :)

  3. Hi Dianne,no I could never stomach a worm !! I have watched the ladies cleaning and drying them as a child and I have no wish to eat those!
    Hi Texwisgirl! How are you doing? We have neat stuff here but so do you over there in Texas,where everything is bigger and better!

  4. Is there a law, Liesl, that's protects the orchids from 'poachers'?
    Nice to see them.

  5. Those are beautiful. We don't have anything like that with our harsh Iowa winters.

  6. Liesl,
    How good it is to see pictures of the wild orchids. I remember them fondly from Zim days and recall seeing them and mopani worms. They are eaten dried there and yes I tasted them!


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