Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spring Is Officially Here!

It seems like yesterday when I was overwhelmed by all the baby animals arriving on the farm and the whole process have started again with the first sheep lambs and baby ducklings having arrived these past two days!The 1st of September means it is officially  Spring here and Mother Nature's breeding program is kicking in again...

Remember the indigenous Pedi sheep we bought a little while back...the first twins have arrived,and both female!

This mama duck hatched ALL her eggs...Fifteen baby ducks for her to raise!!!

Yes,you read right,  fifteen babies and hardly enough space underneath her for them all...

I will have to see if I need to raise some for her...which I don't really want to do as they have to learn to cope with real life outside...

They are kept in a coop until they are about five weeks old, only coming out when I can watch over them for a while each day and then it is all about survival of the fittest....


  1. Glorious photos Liesl. The duclings are gorgeous, aren't they?

  2. They are all just too gorgeous for words. Keep well Diane

  3. Hi Liesl, hope you are well. Look at those cute wee ducklings - so cute. mummy duck certainly has her work cut out for her. lol.

  4. Wish I was your neighbor! Sweet little animals and I love those baby ducks.

  5. Adorable babies! Can't imagine taking care of 15 newborns all at the same time.

  6. WOW..15!
    Adorable babies, all of them!

  7. You sure do have your hands full now. I hope all 15 do well and survive.


  8. how sweet!!! love that mama duck and her brood! wow!

  9. Love those baby ducks! Had to save that photo in my "Amazing photo" file.

  10. That duck is amazing!! 15 babies, whoo!

    I keep forgetting how the seaons are entirely different where we are. Fall is just getting ready to start here for us, and you're getting ready for spring? Wow! :)

  11. Ahhh, how sweet.
    Hard to believe that your spring is starting on the same day as our autumn.

    Enjoy the new life!

  12. How Sweet!!! It's different seeing you enjoying spring and here we are heading into fall. Your lambs are beautiful and all these ducklings are adorable..can't wait to see more photo's of both families as they grow. Have a wonderful day!
    Maura :)


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