Saturday, August 6, 2011

Letaba Show

We have been busy showing our Dorper sheep at our very own Agricultural show right here in Tzaneen since Wednesday. For the first time  they had commercial sheep classes and Cules entered for his first ever sheep show with our sheep, we learned plenty! It was very informative and enjoyable  and both the goat and sheep judges went out of their way to explain the ins and outs of showing these animals! Cules placed 3rd,4th and 7th in different classes,which was really good considering that we have never even been to a show of this kind before and weren' t considering going until we were invited along on Monday!

When I first arrived at the showgrounds I was fascinated by the goings-on around the cattle pens..

There were cattle standing and/lying about everywhere waiting to be washed!

Pin-Zyl cattle

A very new breed;  Nguni X Pinzgauer

Santa Gertrudis butts


This scene reminded me more of a Horse-Show..

Except the cattle were much better behaved ,no rearing, loose, or runaway cattle.


Patiently waiting to be washed

It was clear these specimens were all very well handled and that their handler takes great pride in them!

Will you come wash my horses for me please!

What would they do if this bull decided he didn't feel like all this molly codling?


This guy was threatening to dismantle those pens..

I went to see some sheep..

Pin-Zyl heifer


Grooming the goats

Kalahari Red ram and ewe.

Just as popular as Boer goats around here.

The goat judge.

Mr Joubert Fourie

We used to compete together in Showjumping many,many years ago!

The sheep judge.

Mr Raymond Reed.

Hey, it may be my first ever sheep show,but you are obstructing the judge's view of my ewe!

Move your butt you...

That's better..

Now straighten out that leg, dang you sheep you!

Now you listen here..

That ewe got a good talking too...

It worked!

Yay,this got 3rd place!

You go Cules!

Will you judges get a move on now..!

My knees are a - hurting and...

My beer is getting warm...

See the sweat on his brow?

This is slap bang in the middle of the coldest month of the year here!

What you say, should we make them sweat it out a bit longer..?

Hmm,yes, give that bugger a placing and lets go grab lunch.

If you don't place him,there will be hell to pay at the function tonight!

The End


  1. The cattle is quite beautiful and obviously well taken care of! Bravo to Cules for a job well done!

  2. the cattle are gorgeous! love your narrative of the sheep showing! too funny! congrats to Cules!

  3. GORGEOUS cattle!

    Poor Cules..some "cold" weather!

  4. Winter in Tzaneen...... how I wish I was there! The best time to be in Kruger.
    I used to help a friend prepare, and show his Hereford cattle at what was then Salisbury show, not sure if Harare still does such things!! I think there was more preparation and time involved than what we ever spent on grooming and plaiting our show horses LOL. Diane

  5. Congratulations on the good showing. Great pictures!

  6. That was a great post, those animals look well cared for. Well done on the placements.

  7. The Pin-Zyl heifer is my favorite:) The goat looked great and think you all did a good job.

  8. Congratulations on your successful first show! Bet there'll be more. Those cattle are lovely, so unlike the breeds we have around here.

  9. So THAT is what the judges chit chat about! LOL I love a good fair! :)

  10. I'm no cow specialist, but I do believe your cow butts are plumper than ours! :D :D

  11. Hi Liesl .. great pictures and stories .. wonderful photos of the cattle and sheep .. good for you - and well done to Cules for getting some sheep awards .. cheers Hilary

  12. The "coldest of the year"?? wow.
    You have some very interesting animals over there. Never knew animals like that had shows!!!!

  13. Well done Cules on the placements - excellent for a first time effort.
    Lovely cattle too!

  14. How did I miss this post? Wonderful photos! Loved all the different breeds and now I am very curious about the red goats. I am going to research them. Very nice job showing the sheep - and very nice sheep!


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