Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh Me, Oh My!!

Cules decided to spoil the hens a little bit...everywhere you travel in our Province you find guys selling these super cute little nests and he bought some....

It was amazing how quickly the hens took to laying in those snuggy little nest!

A close-up of one of my two "red neck" hens....

Between the two of them they have 22 chicks!!
They are excellent mothers and neither has lost a chick to date...!

So, how about you sorting out the sizes of the eggs yourselves....A nest for small,one for medium,one for large...and one for extra large eggs!!

Not too much too ask is it...?

On another note...earlier today after we had gone to town for groceries and what not and everyone was settling in in front of the telly (except me,I settled in front of Blogland...) and I was feeling a little hungry and made myself a sandwich on the sneak with last night's barbecue steak leftovers because I was to lazy to make some for everyone....guilt caught up with me and I offered half my sandwich to hubby after he pointedly asked what I was make a long story short, everyone was feeling hungry and wanted a sandwich like mine and I bluntly was after hours after all..and before you knew it, my whole family gathered around the kitchen table and (tried) to teach each other about the uses of Chinese sesame oil and Italian Verjuice juice.....

That was one of the most interesting conversations ever in our house..I couldn't believe the ingenious use of mustard,sesame oil,verjuice,cos lettuce,red onions,tangy mayonaisse ,tiny rosa tomatoes and left over steaks..!! My family discovered their creative arty dues and I am so proud of them!!
Just goes to show how much one can do for oneself when forced to!! 

Try it,you just might get your whole family fed without lifting a finger!!


  1. My family is the same...used to "mom" (me) making the meals and dishing out the food. Great that your family got in the kitchen themselves. I LOVE those little nest box things!

  2. I love those nests I know of a few people here that could do with those!
    Nigel has been warned, when he moves here permanently he is going to be helping in the kitchen :-) Diane

  3. Neat nesting boxes. You mean I'm supposed to fix food?????? I thought that's what my wife was for ;). LOL!!!

  4. I've never seen those nests. What a great invention. Your sandwiches sound delish!!!!

  5. that sounds like a fun night! love it!

    and love those cute nesting 'boxes'!

  6. I am SO glad you wrote this. I just told my family yesterday.. "I'm sick and tired of cooking. It's been 17 years and I'm plum out of ideas. As far as I am concerned, we can eat yogurt all summer. So if you want a meal, you'll have to plan it and I'll assist you!" Groans ensued. But of course... sucker that I am ... I shopped for the weekend meals this afternoon and there is an almond cake baking as we speak!

    You are an INSPIRATION!

  7. p.s. Those nests are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!!

  8. Those nests are wonderful. I bet your egg production increases, just because the hens love sitting in the nest so much. ;-D

  9. Those are beautiful snuggly nesting boxes. That sandwich must have tasted good!

  10. Love the mother hens with their chicks... And what a place to lay eggs! ...I don't do dishes during the summer. None. Six kids, they can work it out...and yes, that is for all meals and snacks... I will resume cleaning the kitchen when school starts. Oh, and another new rule this year is they all do their own laundry ...except the four year old. And, yes, they complain... but I can handle that :)

  11. Those little hen houses are great! Enjoy your weekend Liesl.

  12. LOL good for you mom...helping them get creative! Love the little chicken nests, so cute! ;D

  13. Love that line of nesting baskets! Sounds like you inspired your family to cook. Good for you!

  14. Three cheers for you, Liesi! I told my children a long time ago that a Mothers job was to teach them to do for themselves.. food for thought.

    I love the cozy nest Cules bought for the hens and his investment payed off Big time!



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