Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blouwildebeest Hunt

Cules and Jessica went hunting yesterday...Cules shot his blouwildebeest and Jessica bravely said she wanted to shoot an  impala...., said impala ram walked into her scope and my brave huntress (to be) daughter lowered her gun and declared the ram free to roam the bush for a while longer..., because maybe she IS a bit like her Mom and doesn't do death,blood,guts and such! She says maybe not, maybe next time she comes home she will be in the mood for a killing...The owner of the game farm says there are plenty impala rams just waiting for her to try and outwit them in the bush..She actually stalked this ram in her socks,claiming her shoes made too much noise and she didn't want to frighten away all the game before sighting them...She is strange, that way..,  that daughter of mine...

Cules with his blouwildebeest

He wanted Jess to experience what hunting is all about, since she is the only female in this family who expresses a dire need to be in the hunting field with him...

Jess also had to pose for a picture..

Note the absence of shoes...that's how this daughter of mine does the "African Bush"  thing!

Cules, being an old hand at hunting had her go over to pick up the wildebeest'  head by herself  for the posing and the wildebeest burped or passed wind or something...

See that surprised look on her face looking at the wildebeest's tummy and her getting up and ready to outrun the dead wildebeest!

My daughter is an excellent athlete...she might just outrun a wildebeest...(in her mind)

Cules says he is sure she got rid of her shoes because she felt she might need to climb a tree or outrun a buffalo or something....

The End


  1. always a pleasure to see what we get to see here from your corner of the world! i like barefoot too! but i sneak up on my prey with a camera instead of a gun!

  2. My father used to go out on hunting trips occasionally, but I have to admit I would rather shoot with the camera. Never the less you have a few good meals there. Have a good weekend Diane

  3. Well, good for her for trying. And that burp or toot is very funny. I would have jumped a mile high. Such an interesting life you have.

  4. Go, Cules!
    Jess is a brave one..I'd be afraid of what I would step on!!!

  5. She's a brave girl. I wouldn't even have gone near the head of the beast, let alone waited while it passed wind. I'd have run a mile (in a world record pace)!

  6. That Jess is a brave one! I'm a camera hunter, too, and I like smaller prey, like squirrels and chipmunks.

  7. Such an exciting an interesting place to live. And hunting in shorts, socks and a ball cap - priceless. What is to become of the animal now?

  8. Hi Liesl, Such a different life you have. Will the wildebeest be eaten now?
    Thanks for dropping by today.

  9. @ Michaela and Jim, we will make "biltong" which is kind of like jerky just much tastier...I do personally prefer beef biltong but my family aren't picky that way...The rest of the meat will be worked into cheese sausages,salamis etc. We have butchers in town who specialize in processing game meat.

  10. I love your world. I mean it. It is a crazy, earthy, totally different world from mine. Keep your blog coming, please!

  11. Hi Liesl .. not sure I'd walk the African earth in my socks - especially white ones! Beautiful creature - you can see why it's called 'blou' -

    That's lovely that Jessica can go out with her Dad .. but that she can say one 'kill' today is enough .. a Ram next time ...

    Love the two pictures .. cheers Hilary

  12. Congrats Cules!! Good looking animal. My daughter never took to hunting either so I understand how Jess feels.

  13. LOL had to laugh at your daughter...what a good sport! Imagine hunting in Africa in your stocking that's a girl after my own heart. I would have been ready to climb the nearest tree too if I'd heard that critter fart or burp or what ever! Now I know what a Wildebeest is but just what is a Blouwildebeest? Does it have something to do with the colour of the coat? Interesting.
    Maura :)

  14. And I now officially know how to pronounce Wildbeast as you would say it, Liesl!


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