Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aiy NEED My QUIET Space!!

Tambier  likes to take a nap every day at 12 noon on the dot. You can come visit any day at twelve noon.,.whether he is in his stable or outside in the paddock. It also doesn't really matter where or in what position...anywhere he finds himself at at 12 noon is OK with him.

He looks a bit dead....My first thought was that he swallowed the baling twine sticking out from under his mouth..,but dead horses don't snore loudly, do they...?

Or races along in his dreams,legs a galloping and moaning and all...while a dog is sticking her tongue down their ear...

He IS a Zen kinda horse....

I wonder what he was dreaming about and who was doing what to his ear?

Some people like Radja has NO understanding of Zen moments or rem sleep for that matter..

Radja was getting a bit upset about his friend's strange behaviour...

and wakes him up very rudely by biting his behind.

See that expression in Tambier's eye?

He was in a very comfortable, faraway place split seconds before...

'Come on old chap.., no time for daydreaming today..

Get yourself up ...

Time to go get lunch!


  1. Oh what a shame, waking him up like that. He looked to so comfy as well. Nothing worse than being woken up when having a great dream. Lol.

  2. It's nice to see such a happy peaceful.

  3. how rude to be awoken like that! :)

  4. Loved this 'photo essay' very much! What good buddies must be to tolerate such an abrupt 'wake-up call'!
    Great shots Liesl.

  5. That's hilarious Liesl! I've never seen a horse in a deep slumber like that. Mind you, I hate getting woken up too!

  6. I love the snorers, and the gallopers. My old gelding used to do that, too. It could always be counted on to give new boarders a scare.

  7. Hello Liesl!
    What a great post...made me laugh. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what animals think about when they're sleeping when they make the funny noises and movements. I think our Bubba dreams of being chased by a wolf the way he moves like he's running and whimpers! Enjoy your spring!
    Maura :)

  8. I have to admit that is I saw my horse flat out like that I would be on the phone to the vet. Horses have obviously changed since my day LOL. Have a great weekend Diane

  9. Now that is one happy fella who knows how to relax!!!

  10. hmmmm I wonder if that would get my girls out of bed. I love your commentary. You are one funny gal!

  11. He reminds me of myself... need a little push sometimes!


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