Sunday, August 7, 2011

Poultry At The Show

An Olde English Game rooster

He wouldn't keep still long enough for a decent pic.

I can't remember what breed this one was...

This was the tiniest little chicken on display..
His challenging crows were hilarious!
I think he needed a little more bass...

This reminded me of a hairstyle out of the seventies....

On my way over to the poultry display I saw some cute little miniature horses.

The inside of the building where the poultry was...

I liked this guy...
Somehow I thought his hairstyle was a bit more modern..
His brother on the other hand....

......had something seriously gone wrong with his perm..


  1. I used to have those Polish Chickens....the ones with the feathered heads. They are beautiful in their own way!

  2. Oops some of those hair styles look decidedly odd LOL. Love the miniature ponies, I could happily have one of those around keeping my grass down :-) Diane

  3. What a motley crew that was! lol

  4. I have had most of those breeds in the past. The ones here are some excellent examples of the breeds!!
    What a nice show room for poultry! Hope you post photos of the sheep show you were a part of : )

  5. i wanna say that pretty one with the scalloped feathers is a buff orpington (based on some blogs). pretty guys!

  6. Loved all the photos. I miss having poultry!

  7. Those are some cool dudes! I bet that building was noisy.

  8. LOL I loved all of these fine feathered friends...such cute hair-do's all of them! ;D

  9. Those are some neat looking birds.

  10. That is the funniest selection of poultry I think I've ever seen! :D :D

  11. I didn't know poultry could be cute?!

    I love the ones with the pouffy hairstyles. We have some similar roosters like that wandering around the country village here. But that hen with each feather outlined? Wow, that is beautiful.

  12. Hi Liesi, Its amazing how different they are with their fluffy feathers and beautiful colors.



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