Monday, August 1, 2011

My Fantabulous,Family Fun, Filled Weekend.

My beautiful Ghost, minding her own business....

This is Andrew,my sister-in-law's. step daughter's, son...

It started of innocently enough...

He played with Minki and her sister with THEIR stuffed toy..

He learned that Jack Russels sometimes don't like sharing their stuffed toys..

No blood was spilled..

Just two pups making a statement...

The geese posed so my sis-in-law could take some pics...

Even the horses posed for pics..

or not...

They were eyeing the hands that fed them...

Hard working Tarien

The adults were all watching..

For awhile anyway..

Little Wynand thought the bleating kid might stop crying if he shared his dummy with him!!

That's it Cules,  open the kid's mouth..

Where is the human's mother??

Children are not safe around Cules...

On his way back from feeding the baby calves Wynand was confronted by a young rooster..

"Holy macaroni!! Mama help!!"

No-one and nothing was going to disturb this duck from his afternoon nap..

Cules' latest batch of babies (sigh) 

Irish terrier pups!

Me and some members of my family-in-law

I have to state that...
Because MY family do not behave this way......

It started like this..

Which is too cute for words...

But pretty soon changed into this...


Who are these people??

Sometime during this incident...

Cules made the mistake of telling his sister that she is heavy...

She got her revenge..

Oh yes, she dumped him from the wheelbarrow harder than a horse can throw you!!


  1. oh, too cute! cules is a danger for sure! :)

  2. Hilarious!
    It looks like a wonderful time.

    And leave it to a Jack to make their feelings clear ;)

  3. Fantastic first shot of the horse! I adore the geese splashing and the whole family fun day! I was terrified of roosters when I was a girl, so I got quite a chuckle from that capture...

  4. Great pictures and commentary. I love the goat kid with his mouth open waiting for the binkey.

  5. Great pictures - looks like you all had a ball. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a lovely post of a fabulous family gathering Liesl. Thanks for taking the time to post for us.

  7. What a happy post! Liesl, the photo of the horse and geese are 'frameable'! Lovely! You guys have way to much fun! lol

  8. What a wonderful, fun and funny weekend with family. I bet you're still smiling.

  9. Looks like a fun, wild time was had by all! Great pictures, thanks for sharing the fun! ;D

  10. Okay, this post tops my all time favorite post EVER! LMAO. Very, very entertaining. Great photos.
    And, not once did you complain about how HOT it is. Can I come live with you?

  11. It looks like fun at your place!!

  12. Love this post and the lovely photos. Magic that you caught those shorts at knee height LOL. The picture of the horses are fantastic especially the first one. Diane

  13. What a great series of shots. You people know how to have a good time. Love the puppies!

  14. Such a beautiful horses!! One of my favorite animals..

  15. Those are fantastic pictures. All of them. The one with the mallard and one eye open while napping? WOW. You never see that anywhere. just WOW!!!

  16. I just LOVE this post!!!! SO much fun here...and sweetness.
    That 1st capture is beautiful....but my favorite is the surprised/shocked look when confronted by THE BIRD!:)))

  17. Great shots. Looks like you all had a ball.

  18. those pictures are GREAT!!! looks like a ton of farm fun!

  19. Hehe... it looks like you guys have great times down there!


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