Friday, July 29, 2011

Scenes Around The Farm Today

In  a snit because they were dewormed and dehorned yesterday!

No more bottles!!

Gulp it down double quick before the Jack Russel wants in!!

The smallest of the lot needs to be watched carefully to make sure he gets enough milk in..

Especially with a certain milk lover in the vicinity...

Cules is not wearing long sleeves but it is the middle of winter here!!!

Look,our first ever cow (calve) pats on the farm!!

Some indigenous pedi sheep, a bit bewildered as most of their buddies have just been sold...

Some goat ewes and kids basking in the winter sun..

Some more moms and kids..

A four horned sheep came home with us from last week's auction..

My future milk cow, Dolly..
In a tizz  because the humans actually dehorned her!!
She is picking up weight nicely now.

The mommy pig is about to have babies again..

They tagged me...!
They dehorned and dewormed and TAGGED me!!


  1. oh, such little sweet holsteins! i hope they all do well there. wow. winter.

  2. The indignity! Dewormed AND dehorned AND tagged!?

    It appears you don't have the same winter I have in mind, though!

  3. Oh the indignity!! But you sure are a beauty.

  4. Hi Liesl .. they look wonderful - delightful menagerie .. and I love your photos ..

    Boy is Africa cold in winter .. cheers Hilary

  5. Wow you have a lot of livestock there. All looking very healthy. Those goats and kids are so cute. They must keep you all so busy. You say it's winter there - it looks so warm.

  6. Moooooooo how could you :-)
    I am so jealous, much as I love France I will never get Africa out of the system!! You are really in a spot that will never see winter as we do..... Love those little kids they are so cute. Have a good weekend, have a castle for me Ha ha.Diane

  7. Wow, that's a lot of goats!

  8. Liesi, your to cold in Africa and I'm to hot in the USA.. what a difference a few miles make :)
    Lovely farm darlings just living the good life eating and sleeping while you do all the chores!


  9. Poor babies, that's a lot of things for one day. They'll forget by morning and be looking for that bucket.

  10. What a busy day all that must have been! Dolly is going to be a beauty and I can't wait to see the baby pigglets! ;D

  11. Basking is wonderful! Especially in the winter. I am very hot and ready for winter.

  12. I'm always amazed at just how many animals you have Liesl! Dolly looks wonderful. Enjoy your sunny "winter"!

  13. What a girl has to go through to become part of the family...

  14. A woman after my own heart, who takes pictures of calf patties. They are very cute little tykes, angry about their ordeal or not.

  15. It seemed like a while since we had heard from you. Now I know why! I don't think many of us realized how many animals you had. Pretty calves!

  16. Never a dull moment around your place Liesl! First photo I've ever seen of a co


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