Friday, April 29, 2011

Only In Africa???

Cules and I went to a sheep and goat auction near the Zimbabwean border yesterday and on our way back we saw this guy in his expensive new Mercedes using the boot to transport broiler chickens. Cules thought it was so hilarious and in between pelts of laughter, he caught me staring at him...  "what?" he said...

"Well, I don't think we are any better than him today" I said...

We bought some goats and sheep at the auction and we had this month old lamb that I thought would get squashed in between all the others on the back of the truck so I had Cules load her in the back seat of our double cab to keep Minki company...

She called for her mommy so hard, Minki wanted to cover her ears with her paws..., instead, she closed her eyes....It was so loud in the car Cules said he was going to put her back with her mama double quick and she was OK in the back...Thank heavens!!


  1. As you say Only in Africa!! Thanks for the memories LOL. DCiane

  2. How funny!
    I see some strange animal transports here in my state (WV), too. :)

  3. How cute....what a sight you must have been.

  4. Hope all was well when you got home. Sweet!

  5. Well, we don't do the driving on the left here - but we have packed many a farm animal on the seats of a car. That lamb is so cute. I bet she WAS loud!

  6. So you DID buy her mama? I'm so glad. I was feeling so sorry for her! :) (Wouldn't I make a terrible rancher?)

  7. This gave me such a good laugh. Love seeing Minke getting in a nap despite the noise. lol

  8. Hahahahaha...Oh that's too funny!
    I like the pictures and your story....looking into your backseat:)
    Amazing chicken coop....never seen anything like it:)

  9. Hilarious! I've never seen this before. You are correct....'only in Africa'! I guess.

    Leave it to a dog to transcend all the noise!


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