Thursday, April 28, 2011

Newborn Lambs and Kids

The first sheep lamb to arrive yesterday. It was the mommy's first baby and she didn't want it drinking from her,so I put a collar on her neck and backed her into a corner of the stable and helped the lamb to drink. After two tries the mommy visibly relaxed and seemed to enjoy the feeling of the baby!

The first goat kid to arrive yesterday,10 minutes after the lamb! It's mommy also didn't want it feeding and I did the same as with the sheep ewe and it worked too!
See all that gooey yellow stuff? I had to clean all them lambs and kids whose mommy's refused to come near them after they were born! I am so glad for the empty stables. I learned that new goat and sheep moms will abandon their babies very,very easily!

Another kid,a male. This one's mom knew exactly what to do and no interference please! 
Seven new babies arrived yesterday and Cules got home last evening and sorted through the goat and sheep ewes... Eight goat ewes are expected to kid in three days' time more or less and twelve sheep ewes in the next couple of days also!
Busy times ahead,but loving it and looking forward with new found confidence after my initiation yesterday!


  1. Oh, I'm glad Cules is back! If nothing else, for more hands to help ewes and babies get cleaned up and acquainted! :)

  2. Thank you for joining our blog and we really enjoyed looking at yours... such similar lives, just in different places! We loved the poem on Animals by Chief Dan George, our daughter immediately grabbed some paper to write it down!

  3. So cute! How long have you been raising sheep and goats?

  4. That's amazing Liesl! It all sounds very exciting and rewarding.

  5. I'm sure you're glad Cules is back. Sounds like you're going to have your hands full the next couple of days.

  6. Wat to go..way to show them how to be mama's! :D

  7. Ishtar- We have always had a few sheep and goats on and off, but have never had as many as we do now and all of them bought pregnant and due at more or less the same time!!

    African Bliss- I really loved that poem and had to put it on my blog! I am so glad to have found your blog,have always contemplated moving down to the Cape! My husbands' sister lives in Stanford!

  8. Darling! What a fun thing to be involved in... the dawning of new life.


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