Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Feel The Need....

To smell the sea again.To feel the salt and spray on my face...., sun, sand,shells and fun,fun,fun! It's been 1 1/2 years since I have last seen the sea! Way,way overdue for a sun and sea filled break!

Ahh,the giddy sense of excitement the sight and smell of this triggered in me...!

Even the normally very composed Cules admitted to feeling the child in him again.....

A Kwa Zulu Natal beach.....

That's me in beach combing overdrive! Minki was still chasing breakers then.....
Hopefully we will be able to do a quick getaway to the sea again soon,Cape Town or Mozambique...???
We shall "sea"


  1. It's been a decade since we were at the ocean! This is the year, I say. Nothing restores my soul like salt and sand and wind.

  2. Minki did look pretty little in those pix so I figured they weren't too recent. I liked your "we shall sea..."

  3. Wow..what beautiful pictures...the sea really knows how to set a mood doesn't she?! :D

  4. You made it to the beach for a walk with Minki, Liesl... well done!
    Lovely photos.

  5. Beautiful! I can see why you long to return. Living in the middle of the United States, I don't often get to the ocean. With all my animals, it's unlikely to happen any time soon. Hope you get your weekend away soon!


  6. Really beautiful and so glad you were able to get away, even for a little bit.

  7. Lovely.
    I hope you get to escape back there for a bit. Everyone needs Sea-Time every so often:)

  8. Those are so wonderful! Oh... I miss it. It has been WAY too long.

  9. What a beautiful beach Liesl! Where are all the people? A whole beach to yourself! Nice.


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