Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hippo Highway

Yesterday Cules and I went to the dam closest to the south side of our house, (the one that's wall burst during the floods last year) to see what is to be done about repairing it and discovered how our resident hippo just magically appears whenever without anyone seeing it cross the very busy road in between us and hippo haven...Since the dam is rather dry with the damaged wall...looky here!

A huge storm water pipe big enough for me to stand upright in !

(if I wanted too...I doubt I will ever feel like entering that pipe!)

In all the years we have lived here, we have never realised how big that pipe is,seeing as it is normally submerged under water...which is also no deterrent for a hippo!

Radja and Sun Jewel wondered what I was so nervous about ..
My horses don't seem to mind the hippos!

This is what it's like walking through most of that area...
You can't see a thing right in front of you..
Cules scooted to go and help a client while I lingered around to take some pics..

Off course it wasn't long before the horses suddenly started running  away in a panic towards home!

I swung around to at least take a pic of the death rush hippo,.. (have you seen that DVD?) .. for my children to show their children how their Mama met her fate...


"Did I scare you???"

You bet you did!!

She scared the daylights out of me...and obviously the horses..!


  1. I was able to LOL after I started breathing again...
    Hippos are the ONE animal I don't ever want to see in the wild!!

  2. I can't imagine living someplace where there are animals to fear. Even with the coyotes around here, they tend to stay out of sight. Glad you weren't eaten.

  3. Lol. That's a strange looking hippo!!!

  4. Hi Leisl .. 'dem hippos be very very big - I wonder if they'd get stuck in that storm drain .. sure that lots of animals won't .. it's huge - but not big enough for a hippo - at least not the ones I've seen! .. Love how paddy paws comes toddling along after her adventure!

    Love these pics etc .. cheers Hilary

  5. I think I would be scared too! I have only seen hippos at the zoo or on the TV. I know they can be pretty formidable but what a relief to see your sweet little dog thundering out of the brush.

  6. That made me laugh. Can't beat those Jacks for silliness, and surprises. But, I'm very glad that it was not a hippo.

  7. Haha, but yes I would have also been more than nervous if I thought a hippo was heading in my direction. Not a nice animal to meet!! Take care please. Diane

  8. I would have about we say here in the south. Cannot imagine worrying about a hippo appearing!

  9. The lesser known dwarf albino hippo!
    Good one Liesl!

  10. I was just telling Ron the same thing this morning....'to be careful when backing out the car, that HIPPO has been spotted again in the neighbourhood!!"
    This is hilarious! And I know that you really do have a hippo in your neighbourhood!

  11. You!!! You got me!!! You stinker, hahahaha! Especially since you live in Africa, where hippos are abundant!! Good one!!

  12. You always send my mind reeling. I think living where you live would be like being afraid of the dark 24 hrs a day. You never know what the boogie man might appear as. Maybe a hippo, maybe a huge snake.

  13. You had a few people going there!

  14. HA! I'd been worried also when the horses took off. They would have probably been surprised when I pasted them ;). LOL!


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