Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walking The Dogs On The Farm

Yesterday afternoon we took some of the dogs for a walk in the bush,both Jessica and Tarien were home to help. Some of the dogs are quite obedient and others are wayward souls totally emerged in their own little bubble...just like people I guess......

                                                                        Like this...

                 Minkie's sister going for a swim when she is supposed to listen up in the obedience class....

Then all the dogs wanted to go for a swim.....

Cules explaining to them hounds why they are not allowed to go swimming...

I was trying to show Minki she doesn't have to keep up with the hounds,she could just go on a nice stroll through the bush with me,her Mama....

All that got me was stuck in the thorns....she pulled me straight through the bushes trying to keep up with the pack..

I was actually stuck here and had two huge thorns stuck right through the soles of my slops...

Tarien was walking behind us, taking pictures and she was laughing herself silly at me being pulled trough the thorns.

Right there was when I wished I had worn those brand new hiking boots my hubby bought me just last week..

They had no business standing all shiny and new by my kitchen door..

One of the ponds drenched in late afternoon sun..

A huge wild orchid growing  in a young Mopane tree..,can you spot it to the left side of the road..

Oh yes,that time of year again....!!!

A Matumi tree growing next to a stream....

I always love it when we go for walks like this on the farm.....

Always a good giggle to be had at someone...,

Even if I am the one being made a fool of by a teenie weenie little Jack Russel..!!

The End


  1. I love that photo of the orchid growing out of the tree -- the road is just beautiful.
    And, I have to laugh at you in the thorn bush. I walked into a sticker bush 30 years ago - got stuck - and my husband still teases me about it.

  2. What a beautiful place to take a walk...even if you are dragged through the thorns. OUCH>..I see those thorns in the picture and they remind me of the Locust trees we have here in Kansas. Love the pond...wish we had one here on the farm. Please give Minki a pat for me and have a great week.
    Maura :)

  3. I hope you don't think I am being to mean but the story about your dogs me smile a little.
    Your pictures are lovely by the way!!

  4. Never argue with a Jack Russel they always know best :) Hmmmm shedding skins while I am thinking about my winter wardrobe, not fair.
    I presume there are no crocs in that pool!!!! Diane

  5. Looks like the hounds are a hand full.

  6. How can one person manage that many hounds? I love how your "end of winter" looks like our "coming in to fall". Ya, you better get those boots dusty.

  7. How do the dogs run around without getting thorns stuck in the pads of their feet?

  8. I love Jack Russells! Love how brave they are. Sorry you had to get the thorns though.

  9. Hi Liesi, thanks for my morning chuckle :) as I enjoyed all your wonderful African sights.. even the snake skin!

    Have a lovely day,

  10. I'd love to see that orchid close up! Can you imagine? Our store-bought varieties in Europe are surely a far cry from these wild beauties.

  11. That walk doesn't look like it was very relaxing. But, it does look like it was a ton of fun!


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