Tuesday, September 13, 2011

By Thunder!

I woke up at 4:15 am this morning having been awakened by a strange flash of light...I was sure someone came to help themselves to a couple of sheep out in the shed, so I woke Cules up,I told him I also heard a strange noise like something being shifted around or something...my mind totally couldn't grasp what it was hearing,,,being half asleep might have had something to do with it...He got, up grabbed his gun and jump outside through our bedroom window as it is the shortest route to the shed....At that moment there was a loud clap...,Cules almost hit the dirt,he has never had any military training but has seen plenty of movies I guess. What..??? Lightning, it got us totally by surprise,we have been preparing for the rainy season by building two more sheds for the sheep and such, but this was a bit early! My husband climbed back in through the window looking very sheepish ('scuse the pun) and I went of to make our first cup of coffee for the morning. At 5:22 it started raining...gentle soft Spring rain...! So as I sit here typing at 5:35 in the morning with the glorious smell of wet earth filling my whole being, I am thinking of Texwasgirl and everyone else around the world living in a drought stricken area....

                                             Soon,soon your rain should be coming now.

A scene from the farm during November/Desember


  1. Hi Liesl - Ah .. Oh I can remember that wet earth smell - so evocative and so necessary .. especially when the rains didn't come into November ..

    Life giving .. hope you can get the sheep and animals safe and sound if it's come early this year.

    Wonderful - thank you .. Hilary

  2. I hate when something wakes me up and I'm not sure what it was. I'm sure the thunder was a surprise.

  3. first, you made me laugh at the thought of Cules jumping thru the window with his gun. then you almost made me cry by thinking of me as i can almost smell your rain from here... thank you, dear liesl...

  4. What a mix of emotions you had this morning!

  5. Hello Liesl!
    I had to laugh at the visual of your husband jumping through the window in the dark and then 'hitting the dirt' when the lightning flashed. Poor man! And poor you for being awakened and then not knowing what was happening LOL! I take it it has been a while since you heard thunder...we've been hearing it mostly in the distance on those rare occasions this summer. Unfortunately for our area we didn't benefit from those storms and we are still in a drought. However...this morning it is cloudy and I saw a few tiny spots in the dust on our BBQ. Maybe today will be the day? Enjoy your spring rains!
    Maura :)

  6. LOL, hope the sheep were all OK. I just love that smell of the first rains, it is something we do not get often here. Diane

  7. Thunder and lightening... hurray!

  8. Welcome to the rain ! we need it badly here....
    Thank you for your visit Liesl and yes vintage party is a great fun theme for a 21st birthday !

  9. Now that's a real man. Jump out of bed, grab gun, jump out window, hit the deck, climb back in said window, drink coffee. Priceless!!


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