Monday, September 12, 2011


In case somebody,somewhere out there..,wondered, if, by any chance I am still alive...I am! I arose,rose,roused...whatever.... one morning during the last week and drowned myself in gardening,I shopped for flower baskets,my husband bought me strawberry plants ( big mistake as I am now eyeing the hound pound as my potential safest ever strawberry patch...(without the  hounds..of course!)No ducks, geese,chickens, goats,sheep,horses, etc can get in there! Anyway,I spent a huge amount of time pondering where to plant which flowers and the seedlings looked like a lot more fun to buy,but coming home I realised I would have to plant them in seedling trays....DRAT!!

                                    So,I spent some quality time with the cats....

Shadow kept wanting to lick the camera...

Peanut knows how to "work" the camera...

So does Ginger....

The delinquent teenage rooster offered to help me wash the dishes....

I told him not to worry and went inside and baked my first ever London cheesecake!

It came out a success and Cules loved it!

Spreading Rosemary in a basket....

Pink Petunias...

I have no idea what these are called, but they were blue and I had to have them!!!

After all that, the packets of seed did not go off and plant themselves...sigh...

So I poured myself a glass of wine and pondered about where to plant what,and lurked around Blogland for a bit..
...and am so ashamed to have to admit that a week later those seed packets STILL haven't got the drift about planting themselves...

The bottle of wine though,has long been recycled I think!

Hope everyone else has been more productive than me this past week!

The End


  1. LOL I would not even try to plant a garden with all your animals around. I am sure they will all get to them long before you do!!! :-) Diane

  2. I had to laugh-- I have no idea what those blue flowers are called but I have to have them too! :)

    Love all the pics of the cats!

  3. Squinting it Lobelia?
    My seeds were planted early...and that is the ONLY early in my vocabulary. I procrastinated the rest of the year ;)

  4. thanks for the laughs! the best of intentions... :)

  5. I do that as well, wake up with great intentions of doing gardening and the like and by the time I've got all my stuff together the notion has worn off. The glass of wine sounded good.

  6. Coming from someone at the end of the growing cycle, who is very tired of gardening about now, I think I will just sit back and watch. So keep posting and pass that bottle will ya?

  7. I do think those look like wonderful seeds to plant. I'm sure they'll be very tasty. I've had my own little garden this year, and I actually have pumpkins ready to harvest!

  8. Funny how you're just getting started with your season and I have pretty much wrapped it up. I will miss all the colors of the hanging baskets, but we will get to look at your pretty things. I think the blue might be lobelia. I've always admired it but never brought any home. It's such a pretty blue.

  9. The blue flowers are Lobelia - one of the few flowers that grows well for me.

  10. Thanks Terry,I was in such a haste getting them up I never even read the label to see what they were...I hope they do well for me too!!

  11. The cats are lovely Liesl and I fully concur with your decision to drink wine instead of garden. Clever girl!

  12. The blue are lobelia, Liesl, and I have the same ones! :) They are beautiful but be sure to water them enough - one day of dryness and they will have a temper tantrum and die on you. They love shade.

    Hilarious rooster you have!

  13. Hi Liesl .. love the photos - great pussy cats .. I can see your dilemma where to plant your veggies and fruits where the animals won't be able to get in and devour them .. sounds like a hanging garden is in order?

    Lobelia - the pearls of flowers .. also do white, pink, purpley and blues .. they are wonderful little plants ..

    Enjoy Spring and the cheesecake and the vino .. but garden too! Cheers Hilary

  14. The cats are all so lovely, and, of course, they know how to show themselves to their best advantage. That's a lot of seeds that you have thee. Some canning in your future, perhaps.

    Now, I have to go off and find out just what a London cheesecake is. It looks yummy.


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