Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Package from Texwisgirl has Finally Arrived!!!

The package on arrival...

I have the most inquisitive husband on earth...OK, he says he is just being helpful..excuse the torn shirt,that's just so him,he has been working with the goats you see,and that ain't paint on his hands, it is wound aerosol....!

Neatly packed inside the box,you can see the 500 piece candy puzzle..hidden among all the candy...

Another "inquisitive" helping hand...Tarien...Jessica is away Scuba diving in Sodwana so there was no fighting over who gets to open what!!

Hmmm, have to taste the sweeties Theresa sent from Texas....Cor..look at those fingers!
Off course Minki also had her fill of candy...

This got my already tied up throat all knotted up! Real Ponderosa Pine Cones all the way from Texas for our Christmas tree!! Everything was neatly packed in a Zippy bag to keep it fresh.None of my friends got send Ponderosa pine cones from Texas for Christmas!

The dearest little porcelain snow man.....because we don't ever have any snow here...
Theresa also send us snow...8 feet long snowy garlands and other snow Christmas decorations for our Christmas tree,just when I was thinking this morning that I need to buy some new Christmas decorations...

The pine cones opened up...

Caught you in the act! See how much pleasure this treasure trove of candy from Theresa in Texas brought to our house this Saturday morning....??There is LOTS of candy,cannot place pictures of everything,but...

I have been dreaming of this....

Sweet little notes on everything!!!
Peppermints for our horses!! They will never be the same,they will now be spoilt forever!!!

Root Beer candy!!!!!

More candy....

Did it have to stop...? We were all hoping the box was bottomless....
Thank you,thank you,from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful,thoughtful gifts Texwasgirl!!


  1. Wow! That is one great care package.

  2. So glad you received a wonderful Christmas treat from Texas. Always nice to be remembered during the season, isn't it?

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you got it! I had visions of customs agents eating candies and saying things like "Candy corn?! Root beer barrels?! I don't know what they are but I like them!" :)

    'Cules hands cracked me up. (I can't wait to open anything either...) Glad you all enjoyed the surprises, and especially the pine cones - stolen from a neighbor's yard. :)

    Happy candy corn and root beer hangovers to all of you!!!

    Love from Texas...

  4. Maybe I've missed something on your blog, but your familiarity with the candies makes me think your are either from the US or have visited for an extended time. I'm now curious.

    Texwis girl is super! That was so sweet of her to send you the box. My hubby would tell you that I'd have included tooth brushes in the box as well. It must be that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that I've read about!

    Those big pine cones are great. We only have wimpy little pine cones in the area we live in. I have seen some from North Carolina that are almost 10" long.

    My appy used to love those red and white peppermints to the point of ripping out all the pockets of my farm coat trying to steal! lol

    Have a great weekend-

  5. That is wonderful...isn't she such a blessing???

    Glad to see ALL of you enjoyed the package...I'm not sure I would have been THAT nice;))

  6. Hi Patrice,no I live in South Africa. I am familiar with the candies because of posts on texwisgirl and Farmchick's blogs about them and have asked about the candies and wanted to know what root beer was as I have never heard of it!

  7. You DID hit the 'mother-lode'!!!! Nice Liesl, what a great pre-Christmas gift! Now there will always be a treat for you all after all that hard work to guys do.

  8. Oh, Liesl, what a lot of wonderful gifts! I remember candy corn from when I could eat such things (pre-diabetes days) and how I liked them. I've never heard of the rootbeer candy either, but I'm sure it will taste delicious. The pinecones were such a thoughtful gift! Don't we have the most wonderful friends all over the place from just following each other's blogs? I love that so much.--Inger

  9. What a great treat! I've heard of several people feeding mints to their animals as treats, but I've never tried it. I might have to see about that as a Christmas gift for the animals around here.



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