Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Busy Day on The Farm

Having had such a busy week I neglected to tell you about the new addition to the farm,she was given to Cules by a friend 5 days ago and this morning we woke up and found out she had babies..only three little ones but oh, so cute.

Now she can keep this lonely soul company..

We left the farm to go on a sheep buying trip to Polokwane which is a one and a half hour trip away from us...

As we started up our beloved mountains...

We saw huge bush fires which is quite unusual for this time of year,especially since it was obviously raining higher up the mountain. We then got a phone call from the owner of the sheep that they had a downpour of 100mm of rain in a matter of minutes and that the entrance to their farm is we turned back home.

Raging fires at the foot of the mountains

We got back home just in time to offload our first delivery for our new food company..

This should start taking off in the New Year.

We ended the day bottle feeding baby goats,with Minki's help...


  1. Okay, you're going to have to tell us more about your new food company - people food or animal feed?

  2. And those piglets are adorable! Especially like the stripey look to that darker one on the left.

  3. Hi Texwisgirl! It is an animal feed company and we will also stock some veterinary medicines and things to start of with. It goes with the goats and sheep that we speculate with. We did not have much money to start with but have a property perfectly situated for the purpose...It is a long term thing but if you don't dare....So hold thumbs will you?? The Mommy pig is a Duroc cross that is why the darker one is coloured like that,typically of Duroc babies.

  4. How exciting will this venture be for both of you! Good luck! And we will have a few bags of this and a few bags of that! You do ship, don't you? lol
    Nothing cuter than piglets, I say!


  5. The sow and piglets bring back memories. My dad always had two or three sows around when I was growing up. Good luck with your new venture.

  6. Brush fires are so scary, I think. What a busy day you had and new life on the farm -- how great for you.--Inger

  7. What cute little babies--pigs and the kid.


  8. The little piglets are adorable, as is the baby goat. Your new business venture sounds intriguing. Just wondering, do you have feral pigs there?

  9. Loving the piglets and the baby goat. Also love seeing Minki with her tongue out! Good luck with your feed venture.

  10. Sweet babies. I sure hope that brush fire stayed far away from your farm!

  11. I love the tiny baby piglets! So cute! Looks like a good day and a hard working day and a good day at the end too...I bet you sleep good! :D

  12. Thank you for the comments everyone!
    Louise,the black piggy is a European wild boar! Yes there are people in South Africa who actually breed them! He was also given to us. We have Bush pigs in Sout Africa,they are incredibly hard to hunt! You are very lucky if you manage to get one,they mostly give even the well trained dogs the slip on hunts.
    Jim,We stock dog food too!

  13. That you for stopping by and commenting so I could find you - you have some amazing place there!


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