Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eggs Galore!

 The chickens and ducks are laying eggs like crazy. I have stopped taking out eggs as I would love to have some more chickens and ducks on the yard. I have had one baby duck hatch so far but decided to leave it with mommy and sadly,the next morning it was gone! Lesson learnt! I have 5 mature hens of which 3 are brooding currently, my baby chicks survival rate has been 100% so far,it looks like my chickens are better mums than the ducks. In fairness I have only 2 ducks brooding at the moment!

The newly hatched baby duck who arrived late one afternoon and was gone the next morning......

Duck eggs

This hen has scored the jackpot! She is brooding on about 17 eggs!

Just an update on the goats, see these ewes have an "L" for Liesl tagged on their ears! Thank you Cules! xoxo


  1. The hen is going to have her hands full.

  2. It's summer in South Africa with new life coming to the farm. That's so lovely and I hope you continue to have good luck with the chickens and that the brooding ducks will prove to be good moms as well.--Inger

  3. 17 eggs! Wow, she will be one busy mother.

  4. What a true mommie that one with 17 eggs is! We have a hard time keeping our baby chicks, seems like sooner or later something gets them!

  5. If you wouldn't mind, Liesl, could you send a few of those chicken eggs to Nova Scotia? We have just 'run out' after making a couple banana
    Would love to just have to 'go out back' and get my eggs. Maybe some day......


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