Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jessica's Scuba Diving Adventure! Part 1

The course was in Sodwana Nature Reserve in the Kwazulu Natal Province. Sodwana is not far from the Mozambique border. This is Kevin,their very patient Diving Instructor.The Indian Ocean is on the left of the picture just behind those trees.

Helping each other with their gear...They reminded me of spies in a James Bond movie in their wet suits..

Serious looking faces as they try to get their flippers on. Jessica says that little punk on the left puked a lot...both under and above the water....Speaking of which, her friend advised her to be really careful when surfacing from sea dives to not, under any circumstances, surface near the boat as vomiting people lean over the sides and vomit right on top of you!! She speaks from experience....Put that away for later use if ever you should go diving in a beginners class!

Now breathe through that thingy in your mouth...

Close your eyes and swim from this end of the pool to the other side..only using your legs,no arms..

...and this is where it was proven, for once and for all.., that..

...guys have no sense of direction..! Just joking!

See, girls can swim in a straight line with their eyes closed...did I mention that before..?

BTW if you get a leg cramp in the sea,this is how you get rid of it...Don't yell out in pain,remember,you are under the water....!

I have divided this up in a couple of posts as there are quite a few pictures. The pics of the kids in the ocean will be developed soon. Jess picked up as many shark's teeth on the bottom of the ocean as she could!

Part 2 follows soon.


  1. I don't think the guy was lost...he was just looking for someone the ask directions ;). LOL.

  2. Such a cool thing to learn to do. Never thought about the puking thing happening. Gross!

  3. How great that she gets to learn these skills when she's still young and adventurous! I'd probably be one of those vomiters at my age. :)

  4. Very cool and such a neat thing for them to get to do! :D

  5. Today is catch up on blogs day, and I have just had an enjoyable time catching up on yours, Liesl. I think your daughter will love scuba diving. And, I just have to say that your goats are adorable, every single one of them. I haven't met many goats in my life, but I have liked every single one that I have met.

  6. Thanks for taking us along on the adventure!

  7. you have so many wonderful experiences in that beautiful part of the world. how i wish i am able to get my kids to experience scuba diving one day! thanks for this very informative blog!

  8. Brings back so many memories! Except that my lessons were in the North Atlantic!!!
    Looks like the kids had a good time.

  9. How very cool! (except the puking part)

  10. What a great activity! I really got a chuckle at the guy without a sense of direction. Very funny.



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