Friday, December 10, 2010

Goats,Goats Everywhere!

My husband arrived with this on the back of our truck and the horse trailer filled to capacity 2 days ago...
The babies and one ewe with a injured leg on the truck and the big goats in the trailer.

                                                             The babies are so sweet......

Can you tell that this little one is bottle fed???

Just off loaded into the shed...Their owner sold them as he is retiring and due to health problems neglected them a bit and offered them to Cules for a very fair price!

Going out this morning.....

Err,yes those are Cules' gumboots drying on the fence. 87 Boer Goats on the place all of a sudden....They will all be kept for breeding purposes except for the little males.....which will be sold off. The riding school is now closed until mid January and I am starting work on our endurance horses and schooling 3 youngsters!


  1. Boots drying on the fence= priceless:)

    You are one busy lady! I don't know how you stay organized!!!
    Yep....that there is A LOT of goats:)

  2. That is a herd of goats. The last pic of all of them out in the pasture is great. Looks like the rains have really greened things up.

  3. I think I am in 'love' with goats. Every time I see them I giggle to myself, ok, well, out load. They SO CUTE! Especially that bottle-fed one!!!
    Holy-moly....that IS a lot of goats!

    Thanks for comment Liesl. I am not sure what the name Brynn means but I know that the masculine version has one 'n'....Bryn. Yes, my sister is very fit. Need an extra hand at your farm? lol

  4. Oh, they are in heaven now!!! Look at that greenery all for them! Glad you're getting a bit of a break from outside work stuff as it sure sounds like you have plenty to do on your own place!

    (Did you ever get a package from me? Just wondering if it ever made it thru customs!) :)

  5. Hi texwisgirl,I will go and check the mail again tomorrow,haven't been to town in 3 days now! Will let you know first thing when I get it!!!

  6. Glad you are giving them the home they need. The little ones are so sweet!

  7. I love these cute goats...the lady that bought our previous home had lots of goats, I went over and helped her feed the babies their bottles...that was so much fun! :D

  8. Fun post and love the goats. Came here from Lori


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