Monday, June 25, 2012

Winter Scenes Around The Farm

Midwinter in all it's glorious bounty....Export quality oranges and naartjies(from the farms next door), papayas,granadellas etc. Baby chick lets,wild guinea fowl and duiker (deer) on the lawn,blossoming peaches and mango's starting to show blossoms. The hens are laying eggs like there is no tomorrow again,after being frightfully overwhelmed with eggs last year after Cules bought me ten point of lay pullets, I decided not to buy any this year as  my  yard hens( a lot of them off spring of last years Rhode Island Red hens!) are laying eggs a-plenty..!

 Cold inside the house and "too hot to wear a jersey outside" kinda days..This is the month when I can sow almost any type of vegetable seed on the farm to harvest early in October before the weather starts getting hot.

 We are planting:

 Sweet corn,different types of tomatoes,bell peppers,chillies,capsicums,cucumbers,lettuce, peas,carrots,Chinese cabbage,broccoli,spinach, green beans,onions and spring onions this week.

OH, and lets NOT forget about those sweet melons and the watermelons...!I am drying about a kilo of naartjie and orange peel for baking and cooking which should last me about a year. My dill are just kicking into gear and already I have also dried enough of that for a year!

Lots of these entertaining little ones around presently...

A glimpse of the wild guinea fowl in the distance...there are around 40 of them doing the rounds in the mornings now...

The four tame guinea fowl are all still surviving and hanging with The Man...

This sight STILL disturbs me deeply every time I see them.......

Peach tree blossoms...

An abandoned bird nest in a peach tree...

Winter "veldt" on the farm..

One of my favourite trees.....

Checking for bushpigs.....

"Hardekool" tree....

Very,very hard wood...

Getting the first corn seeds into the veggie garden.....

We severely trimmed this mango tree instead of cutting it down so I can smell those blossoms in September when I start to harvest my crop...

The End


  1. Beautiful shots of your farm! We are just starting to enjoy a few things from the garden, due to our early warm weather. Keeps us posted on how yours comes along.

    1. Thank you Michelle, I will post pics of the veggies for you!

  2. what a neat season you have - winter gardening.

    speaking of bush pigs, do you still have that one you were raising?

    1. Hi Teresa, do you mean Trompie? Yes we still have him! He is a warthog though..,not a bushpig. He lives in a 2 hectare camp with the european wild boars and our "normal" pigs. I will put up some pics of him again!

  3. What is growing in that tree in the picture with the guinea fowl? I don't think I've seen them before.

    1. Hi Annette, it is a papaya tree,they are in fruit right throughout the year...non-stop here on the farm!!!

  4. Please send some naartjies this way, nothing even resembling them here, and I am so jealous of that pawpaw and mango tree, I also miss our avos, Mmmmm memories. Diane

  5. ...a mango tree. What an interesting life you have. A winter garden sounds lovely and I always thought wild pigs were aggressive?


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