Friday, June 15, 2012

The Bowhunter

Cules went away to Nelspruit for the whole week to do a course in tractor spares.....He also tried to wheelie his host's golf cart.....My husband is NOT the golfing kind and sought  his entertainment  elsewhere...enough said....He came back with a bow,target,arrows,different types of arrowheads, bow scopes,laser lights and the solemn promise that a bow specially custom made for me is on its way! Now Tarien also wants a bow,Jessica is away doing her game capturing thing but I assume she will want one too!!! I know my girls....Now, Tarien and I would like to look the part while target shooting and be very happy to be able to draw 40 pound strings....Cules  has started on 60 pounds and is working towards 80 pounds. Me, myself and Tarien...,would be sooo happy to just be able to draw that darned string ALL the way back...I have never touched a hunting bow before...I have been told we are a going a hunting on the farm tonight,in the dark, in the middle of winter...It is COLD at night now...

Oh no...NOT a good idea Connie!!

If you knew that today is the first time in 20 years he is shooting with a bow...,you would save your oranges and RUN!

Not too shabby for a try at 70 pounds...

Hmmm...,I like!!!

I like even more!!

He should have worn his denims and chaps though...

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Oh, and happy Fathers Day to all the Daddy's out there!!


The End


  1. (definitely take the orange off the head! yikes!) :)

    1. Hey Teresa, I told her, and she did, I mean..

  2. I've said this before, definitely denim and chaps!

  3. My son is really into bow hunting. He really enjoys it and I am sure all of you will too!

  4. I am so jealous. When I was small we learnt to use bow and arrows, somehow the whole thing fell apart when we moved to Africa and I never remember using them again. Nigel has a friend who is a specialist and makes long bows for all over the world, they are stunning. Diane

  5. You guys are always up for an adventure aren't you? I shot some when I was a teenager. I liked how much physical and mental energy went in to it. It is an art.

  6. It looks to be quite a skill to master and I am sure you all will do so!


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