Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some New Faces Around The Farm..

Oi!! Where did the time go??
Wednesday already and I haven't posted on my blog!
Over the past weekend we have acquired some new faces to grace the farm with their presence;

Bought X 1 horse from our next door neighbour... 

His son got bitten by a Black Mamba  (snake) and will never recover full use of the leg he was bitten on again...This came three weeks after he was bitten by a cobra and had a violent reaction to the anti-venom treatment! He walks with a limp and has his leg in a brace most of the time..

Were given X six Chinese geese by same neighbour 'cause they poohed on his porch too much!
They won't pooh on MY porch because I am keeping them in a fenced in area...

Were given X three kittens for our barn...

The brown male Chinese goose,isn't he so handsome?
We have to now find him a brown female,'cause the brown ones apparently don't pair up with white ones..
I have been phoning around the country and might have found him a female in Johannesburg....
I will have to ask Jess and her friends to go and fetch it and bring it home with them over the weekend..she will NOT be pleased about that one!
I already know that the car is going to be too full of baggage and stuff...

He Who Bites...

My butt is still smarting...

There was more than one reason for his previous owner wanting to give away such expensive poultry!!!
I have to say that I just love the sounds they make,it sounds a bit like a swan! Not like normal geese at all!

The cute little kittens.
They will stay in the barn and we have put them in a coop where they can safely get used to the dogs and their new surroundings before we let them out..

This one likes to observe the world in this fashion..
The other one is grey with flecks of ginger thrown in,but she was feeling a little camera shy today..

                                                               The Horse With No Name
                                                      That's right,he has no name,any ideas??
           A four-and-a half year old gelding,who doesn't blink an eye at huge trucks racing past him....

He is said to be a Quarter horse X Boerperd.
He has already started doing lessons in the riding school and is a huge hit with the kids.

I made a lemon semolina cake today
The recipe said to thinly slice one lemon and boil the slices with the sauce...
My lemon slices boiled ..and disintegrated..

Just thought I'd share...

Never mind..


  1. oh that poor neighbor boy!!! terrible!!! his (former) horse looks like a beauty though. love his dark gray mane and tail.

    congrats on the geese and kittens (except for that butt-biting thing!) ha! hope your daughter will suffer thru the ride home with a goose in the car!

  2. Hi Liesl .. poor kid - two snakes - that's a bit rough .. love your animals all .. even the bitey one .. the kittens too cute .. and the horse with no name - no idea .. I think if I'd had kids they'd have had no name too!! We had two cats years ago .. they never got names .. one was Peedle and the other Boot .. still they were lovely cats!

    On the other hand the semolina tart looks rather delicious .. I love semolina .. cheers enjoy your brood .. Hilary

  3. I agree, that poor boy! You really live in a dangerous place and I hope you will stay safe. How is your dog's eye? I hope OK. I haven't heard the word semolina for so long. The cake looks good and all the new critters are great. Love that mane contrasting with the while color of the no name horse.

  4. Hi Inger,Minki has recovered 100%. Thank you for is just the snakes that are so horrible but they seem to have gone away for now,haven't spotted one for about two weeks now!

  5. Hi Liesl, congratulations on your new family members. Poor kid next door. The horse is a beauty... lovely colourings. Maybe call the horse Phoenix as his new life is from the ashes of the old one... just a thought. Lovely cake... I rather like semolina. LOL about the lemon slices!

  6. I am not a fan of geese, but my silly human has both the Chinese, and she calls the brown ones with the bump African. That's what her catalogue from the hatchery called them--kinda funny. (The kids in the background are adorable. You should post more on the goats.)

  7. Bit by a black mamba and survived? Wow. I remember hearing about those snakes when we lived in Tanzania and I was under the impression that you rarely survived -- and a cobra??! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I love yours!

  8. Love all your new additions and that lemon semolina cake looks spectacular.
    A name for the new horse...hmmmmmm.
    How about Sweet William?

  9. That is awful about your son...I hate snakes! Love all the new cute. I would name that horse "Smokey"...thats what looks like to me..very pretty! :D

  10. THERE you are! :)

    My lemons would turn out just like that... you're not alone. haha. This makes me feel better. What a pretty table you have!

    What is so unusual about your life is how you talk about poisonous bites as if the ice cream truck had just pulled into town. "Humm-dee-dumm... a cobra bit him last week... and now he's in a brace." I love this bit of adventure, Liesl! :)

  11. Black Mamba. Just the name sounds horrible. So awful what happened. I love all your new animals! Also, that cake looks delicious. At least you know you got all the good out of the slices!

  12. You are really adding to your farm! All these critters must add up to a lot of activity for everyone.
    What a great looking horse Liesl! A name.....let me about Smokey? Grey....smoke....kinda....I
    Love lemon cake!

  13. Gosh, I can't imagine living with those dangerous snakes!

    The horse is absolutely beautiful!! I have always had a weakness for grays.

  14. The cake looks good! I love lemon anything, so I would totally enjoy it. The horse looks like a "Grayson" to me. But, I admit I have never named a horse before. LOVE your new poultry. They are quite lovely and I can't wait to see the post where your daughter brings home a mate in her car. lol

  15. Bad enough being zapped by a cobra but he is lucky to be alive after the mamba!!

    My last grey was called Mutiny but don't think this suits. Love the geese, my Mum used to go nuts with ours as they always wanted to come in the house... messy to say the least!

    Bet the Lemon Semolina cake still tasted brilliant. Diane xx

  16. Oh yummy, that cake looks delicious!


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