Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well it has been auction week again and yesterday we went to Belfast again. Hubby came away from there with a lot of sheep,some merinos that were starting to feel the shortage of fodder up there in the High veld Winter,some dorpers and pedi sheep and a friesian heifer (the cutest little thing) that might be our future milking cow! Cules was happily buying away when this little piggy caught his eye and he saw,barbecue ribs,Christmas roast and what not! Well,that little piggy read Cules' mind because....

He escaped from the truck as Cules stopped and climbed up at the back to check up on everyone back there...He hightailed it up those Dullstroom mountains like no body's business and my husband being one very determined individual and one who hates to lose out on a bargain.., gave chase,down the hill,through a swamp,up the hill again and through a couple of ditches and me standing by the side of the rode screaming with laughter and encouraging him and sometimes the piggy(depending on the abuse Cules let loose!) and some very baffled motorists stopping and asking what happened and promptly adding their bits of advice from the roadside!

It was one of the funniest incidents yet!

To make a long story short,Cules did catch his rather wayward BBQ piggy,who is now happily chomping away in his little paddock with the other pigs.
I think somehow those two had a good conversation with each other in the swamp..,'cause I couldn't see much of them there.. 

On our way through Dullstroom he decided to stop and check on the animals again  and what do you know? He happened to stop right in front of an Antique shop! He kindly agreed that I could go look see and as I was browsing away,looking at old cutlery I walked up to the owner of the shop and there she was cleaning this old 1940, Sheffield Bone handled set of cutlery, that has just been brought in by a very distraught daughter in law who has decided it was "time to let go" of some stuff she has been keeping for years since her husband's mother and her husband has also passed away .....

The old case is still perfectly intact with the guarantee that it will never warp or shrink and can withstand all climates!
Well,it has kept perfectly for seventy one years so far!

This was made in the same year WW2 started!

The spoons....

I love collecting old cutlery and dishes and use it for everyday instead of modern stuff,so this rare find had my pulses up and I went and told Cules about it,he asked me the price and on telling him, he promptly told me to get in the truck and drove on home....
At the only four way stop in town he asked me if I considered it an investment and I quickly told him YES!

So he turned round and went into the shop and hassled the lady into throwing in a huge block of fudge into the deal and bought it!

Her Royal Highness has arrived and His Majesty is "absolutely delighted" by her beatific presence....

Kate, eat your heart out!

Cules also brought something else home...

Minki's full sister!!

Remember this...?

Minki as a pup almost two years ago!
They definitely are like two peas in a pod,so much so in their little mannerisms and things that it is a little bit freaky!
I was worried that Minki would be terribly jealous,but she is not,they play together on Minki's blanket in the evenings and even share Cules' lap!


  1. That is too funny about that pig. I don't know whether to be happy or sad that Cules caught it.

    I love that cutlery set. You made a real find there, I think. May it serve you faithfully for many years.

    Minki's little sister is adorable. Have you thought of a name yet?

  2. You have a pretty fast and determined hubby to catch that pig and loved the picture of him carrying it back over his sholders.......Loved the silver set and glad hubby turned back for it......and that puppy...oh my gosh...too cute.

  3. Hi Louise, my daughter named her Fiela,but I think "Fifi" and "Minki" kinda go well together,but my husband says you can't name a jack russel "Fifi"!!!

    Hi there,Changes in the wind,yes,Cules is fast and strong,that pig must weigh a ton!!

  4. Oh, I loved this post! I'm glad you got your knives and the image of your husband chasing that pig is priceless! Th puppy is adorable! :)

  5. Too bad you couldn't get a video of him chasing that wayward pig, that would have been a you tube hit! I love how he went back and made a deal, my husband does things like that too. Love the puppy...what a fun trip! :D

  6. Hi Julie! I have a video of him carrying that pig in all its squeeling splendour!!! I have been having trouble loading videos from the camera onto the laptop...the image is divided in four sections and then won't load...I will have someone look at it for me...

  7. Sorry to hear about the BBQ piggy, but it did make for a good laugh! Nice find in the antique shop! Glad you didn't pass that up!

  8. That made me smile Liesl - poor Cules. Love the cutlery set and your new puppy - adorable!

  9. Wish you could have videoed of the pig chase :).

  10. Oh that cutlery is wonderful. I have horn handles on my silver knives (remember the post about my silver?). My horn handles are more of a brown than yours here, which look more white-ish. Are they ivory or bone? You will NOT regret that investment. It's just wonderful, Liesl!


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